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she’s upset because they keep changing the taste of coke(they did it again)

7:00–8:00 Subota 5.11.2022.

Tell my mother I’m going home, I have been destroyed by hippie powers

Dans leur coeur il y a des cactus!

7:00–9:00 Petak 15.10.2021.

Je suppose que ça va aller ?

So why see the world, when you got the beach?

7:00–9:00 Subota 1.10.2022.

Sometimes they were comedic— or relentlessly horrifying
They were the foes of society, whether fighting the local sheriff, or a secret agent
Frequently they mirrored our times: the gangster villains which rival real newspaper headlines of the present day
Collectively, they are the components which have fueled nightmares for decades to come
The villains

There’s no need to watch the bridges that we’re burning(it’s running again)

7:00–9:00 Subota 24.9.2022.

The bitterness is a lowest sin
A bitter man rots from within
I’ve seen his smile, yellow and brown
The bitterness has brought him down

My oh my, man just leave us alone

7:00–9:00 Subota 17.9.2022.

On occasion, we all do battle with motivational paralysis
Unable to perform some simple task
Trapped at the stage of analysis
Thoughts of the shortness of life may beget
Bouts of shortness of breath in your chest
Doubts about the worth of the nights you got left
Crowding out all the fear and regret

There’s still life to be lived in hell

7:00–9:00 Subota 3.9.2022.

A couple times last week
I tried hard to speak
A couple times a week
I might know how to speak

Everything seems to go wrong when I stop drinking

7:00–9:00 Subota 20.8.2022.

Everything seemed to go my way last night
Everything seems so wrong to me this morning
I know things will be brighter later tonight

Old man, look at my life, I’m a lot like you were…(pape sritan rođendan)

7:00–9:00 Subota 16.7.2022.

In the clearing stands a boxer
And a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminders
Of every glove that laid him down
And cut him ’til he cried out
In his anger and his shame
“I am leaving, I am leaving”
But the fighter still remains

Ex Corde

7:00–9:00 Subota 9.7.2022.

Ponekad se noću budim
Srce kuca, ja se čudim
Šta je to, zašto to?

A safe haven for committing a crime…

7:00–9:00 Subota 2.7.2022.

Revolution come and gone
Behind your eyes, cut out the tongue
Transcend their lies, they try to hold back the dawn of revolution come and gone!

Nema snova, samo lova otrovnija od olova…

7:00–9:00 Subota 28.5.2022.

Nema digniteta, nema poštenja
Očenaš i Zdravomarije su cijena oproštenja
I nema općeg dobra, samo vlastita torba i dupe
Kriminalci, a svi šute – papci
Suci, fratri, policajci
Jer su in rođaci u istoj stranci, ista banda
A mi smo stranci u vlastitoj zemlji zbog ljudskog šljama
A mi smo stranci u vlastitoj zemlji zbog ljudskog šljama
Lipa naša silovana!

No, it’s not getting better, man.. It’s just getting old

7:00–9:00 Subota 21.5.2022.

One more minute in this city’s going to give me a breakdown
One more night in this bar is going to give me the blues
An Altima with one headlight out
Slipping sliding spinning around
Joanie I’m going to take care of you



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MOBY / Play (1999)

Nilüfer Yanya / Like I Say (I Runaway)

TYCHO / Burning Man (R)




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