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I’m faking my own death so I can get some rest, I know I thought of everything, at last twice!

7:00–9:00 Subota 13.4.2024.

And I was drawing crazy pictures and before I was done
The pictures started pulsing like an alien lung
And I said “oh my god this is just begun”
And it was twelve more hours before I was done
We were up on the rooftop and I’ll tell you the truth
I was convinced I’d already fallen off of the roof
And these weird metal things rolling around in outta space
Were teleporting me from place to place
The last time I did acid I went insane

Evala, čujemo se!

autor: DonTravolta, 13/04/2024

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And I turned out to be the only hell my mama ever raised!

7:00–9:00 Subota 29.10.2022.


He said “I don’t like to brag, but we’re kinda proud of that ragged old flag”

7:00–9:00 Subota 6.1.2024.

Not everything must end
Not every romance must descend
Not every lover’s pact decays
Not every sad mistake replays

When there’s no one left to fight, boys like us don’t shine so bright!

7:00–9:00 Subota 18.3.2023.

As I travel down the track, all my memories flood back
We were runnin’ at ease from enemies
And rushed back to your momma’s flat
It’s the only place but home I feel relaxed enough to crap
I know it sounds crude, but there’s something in that

Um um well excuse me

7:00–8:00 Subota 2.10.2021.

I want to write away
I want to write here
I want to write brave words to fight fear

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