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Suicide is painless

7:00–8:00 Subota 11.9.2021.

Numere se slijede:

  1. The Easybeats – Come and See Her
  2. Small Faces – Song of a Baker
  3. The Kinks – A Well Respected Man
  4. Nancy Sinatra – Kind Of A Woman
  5. Dusty Springfield – Wishin’ And Hopin’
  6. Classics IV – Spooky
  7. The Rascals – A Beautiful Morning
  8. The Lemon Twigs – These Words
  9. The Beach Boys – I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
  10. Jethro Tull – Skating Away On the Thin Ice of the New Day
  11. The Beatles – You Never Give Me Your Money
  12. Johnny Mandel – Suicide Is Painless
  13. The First Edition – Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
  14. Fat White Family – When I Leave
  15. Cass McCombs – Bum Bum Bum
  16. Chuck Prophet – You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)
  17. George Harrison – Crackerbox Palace


autor: DonTravolta, 10/09/2021

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7:00–8:00 Subota 2.4.2022.

Ništa na ovon svitu nije čistije od čovikove želje za s(l)užanjstvom. Samo da je robovat, vlastitoj ideji, državi, bogovima ili kraljevima, manje je bitno.

My favourite bands (episode: Push barman to open old wounds)reprise

7:00–9:00 Subota 27.11.2021.

I could dance all night like I’m a soul boy
But I know I’d rather drag myself across the dance floor

My oh my, I have suffered too long(and on and on)

7:00–8:00 Petak 27.8.2021.

I want to get out in the sun and rain,
And feel the wind on my skin again;
The world is large, and I’ve got time yet.
And, by the way, thanks for that cigarette.
Thank you very much!

Fill in the _____!(summer re-run)

7:00–8:00 Subota 14.8.2021.

Note to invading aliens, avoid this town, like this town avoided us!

Tjedna rotacija


NU GENEA / Bar Mediterraneo


OLIVER SIM / Romance With A Memory

JAYDA G / Dj-Kicks (R)

THE POLICE / Around the World (Live)

THE BAMBI MOLESTERS / Sonic Bullets: 13 from the Hip (2001)


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