Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

pete rock

The Ropes

20:30–23:00 Petak 3.3.2023.

You taught me the ropes, and you taught me to love.


20:30–23:00 Petak 28.10.2022.

I can feel your energy from two planets away

Feed The Sharks

20:30–23:00 Petak 6.5.2022.

Walk on water while I feed the sharks ?

Soccer Dad

20:30–23:00 Petak 22.4.2022.

I got a van full of ballers like a soccer dad.

Dirty Gelato (R)

20:30–23:00 Petak 8.4.2022.

Smoke gelato ???


20:30–23:00 Petak 4.3.2022.

Gear shiftin’


20:30–23:00 Petak 14.1.2022.

The pickin’s have been lush


20:30–23:00 Petak 6.8.2021.

Stay in Bed, Forget the Rest

That’s My Dog

20:30–23:00 Petak 11.6.2021.

No electronic effects were used in the performance or recording of That’s My Dog.

Using What You Got

20:30–23:00 Petak 7.5.2021.

Za sve nas koji ne volimo DJ Khaleda ovo je bio još jedan loš hip hop tjedan u ovoj godini. ?

Like Butter

20:30–23:00 Petak 16.4.2021.

Još jedna epizoda RLS-a LIVE iz podzemlja. ???


20:30–23:00 Petak 2.4.2021.

Easy listening friday nights! 2030!


Tjedna rotacija


YVES TUMOR / Praise A Lord…

RAMONES / Road To Ruin (1978)

FEIST / Borrow Trouble

TSHA / fabric presents

THE WHITE STRIPES / Live at The Gold Dollar

MARINADA / Nalik na nalik


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