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PAShTROCh: I will not be what you tell me to be

. . . prkosimo sili i nepravdi subotom od jedan iza podne . . .

I ‘m not what you say I am.
I will not be what you tell me to be.
You stare at me through a prism of delusion, of hatred, of propaganda
and I refuse to see me myself in your lies.
You try to turn me into a barren anecdote a whispered slur a vile fairy tale to fill the ***
but I will not be the mirror for your self loathing.
You use accusations as weapons
scarring me where no blade can pierce.
But I will not plead guilty to your crimes.
I will not perform a spastic puppet dance
to the lying chorus of your psyche
And yet
rip me enough and you will see.
Spread your disease amongst my friends, my family, my loved ones
and you will learn.
You will learn what i can be.
They say a lunatic is simply a minority of
I will embrace that madness that loneliness that
hopeless insanity
and show you,
I ‘ll show you everything you never wanted to see
and I ‘ll finally be
what you never truly wanted me
to be.

(Crippled Black Phoenix – White Light Generator (untitled song))

  1.  Y Lentokone Mungo – Mungolian Jetset (We Gave It All Away…And Now We Are Taking It Back 2009)
  2.  The New Tomorrow – Timber Timbre (Hot Dreams 2014)
  3.  When I was A Young Girl – Feist  (Let It Die 2004)
  4.  Lump Sum – Bon Iver (For Emma, Forever Ago 2007)
  5.  Evangelion – Thundercat (Apocalypse 2013)
  6.  Bonnieview – Zeus (Classic Zeus 2014)
  7.  Learning the Lie – The Hidden Cameras (Awoo 2006)
  8.  Goodbye Sweet Dreams – Roky Erickson (with Okkerville River) (True Love Cast Out All Evil 2010)
  9.  Kanti Dadum – Spike (Orange Cloud Nine 2013)
  10.  Snakecharming the Masses – The Stills (Oceans Will Rise 2008)
  11.  Catharsis Boo – The Most Serene Republic (…And The Ever Expanding Universe 2009)
  12.  NO! (pt 2) – Crippled Black Phoenix  (White Light Generator 2014)
  13.  Cripplegate (Standing On Glass) – Woven Hand (Blush 2003)
  14.  Lucky 1 – Avey Tare (Down There 2010)
  15.  Creepy – Mungolian Jetset  (We Gave It All Away…And Now We Are Taking It Back 2009)
  16.  Hey Daydreamer – Sally Seltmann (Hey Daydreamer 2014)
  17.  Frankfurt Advice – Andrew Weatherall (Convenanza 2016)
  18.  How Might I Live – Real Estatev (Atlas 2014)
  19.  Straight Through The Light – Zeus (Classic Zeus 2014)
  20.  Keep Your Eyes Peeled – Queens Of The Stone Age ( …Like Clockwork 2013)
  21.  Story And Pictures – Woven Hand (Blush 2003)
  22.  Strange Colores – Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks (Enter The Slasher House 2013)
  23.  Big Muff – John Martyn (One World 1977)
  24.  Gleaning – Apostle Of Hustle (Folkloric Feel 2004)
  25.  I Only Have Eyes For You – The Flamingos (1959)
  26.  Ya Hey – Vampire Weekend (Modern Vampires of the City 2013)
  27.  Freddie’s Dead – Curtis Mayfield (Super Fly [Original Soundtrack] 1972)
  28.  Bubble Reputation – The Most Serene Republic (…And The Ever Expanding Universe 2009)
  29.  Go! – Public Service Broadcasting (The Race For Space 2015)
  30.  Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) – The Wedding Present (Seamonsters 1991)
  31.  The Harder They Come – Jimmy Cliff (The Harder They Come 1972)
  32.  Chasing Pavements – Adele (19 2008)
  33.  _______ Crippled Black Phoenix (White Light Generator 2014)

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autor: Ivan Poljicanin, 06/05/2016

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