Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

First few years

20:30–22:30 Ponedjeljak 14.11.2016.

Glazbeni junaci prvih godina ovog tisućljeća.

Glazbeni junaci prvih godina ovog tisućljeća.

Why? – [Alopecia #05] Song Of The Sad Assasin
Grandaddy – [The Sophtware Slump #04] The Crystal Lake
Elliott Smith – [Figure 8 #01] Son Of Sam
Sonic Youth – [Murray Street #01] The Empty Page
Jim O’Rourke – [Insignificance CD1 #02] Insignificance
Smog – [Dongs Of Sevotion CD1 #02] Dress Sexy At My Funeral
Yo La Tengo – [And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out #02] Our Way To Fall
The New Pornographers – [Twin Cinema #04] The Bleeding Heart Show
Badly Drawn Boy – [The Hour Of Bewilderbeast #09] Once Around The Block
PJ Harvey – [Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea #05] Beautiful Feeling
Wilco – [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot #07] Heavy Metal Drummer
Mojave 3 – [Excuses for Travellers #07] She Broke You So Softly
Super Furry Animals – [Mwng #04] Dacw hi
Modest Mouse – [The Moon And Antarctica #02] Gravity Rides Everything
Ugly Casanova – [Sharpen Your Teeth #01] Barnacles
Interpol – [Turn On The Bright Lights CD1 #03] NYC
Q and Not U – [Different Damage #01] Soft Pyramids
Life Without Buildings – [Any Other City #09] New Town
Fugazi – [The Argument #11] Argument
The Dismemberment Plan – [Change #09] Time Bomb
The Postal Service – [Give Up #01] The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Lemon Jelly – [Lost Horizons #02] Space Walk
The Streets – [Original Pirate Material #12] Weak Become Heroes
Jackie-O Motherfucker – [Fig. 5 #06] Beautiful September (We Are Going There)
Songs: Ohia – [The Lioness #04] Being in Love

autor: Gaal, 14/11/2016

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Best EPs Of The Year I

20:00–22:00 Ponedjeljak 30.11.2020.

Tradicionalno odavanje počasti najboljim extended play izdanjima godine. QRT!!

R.I.P. Primavera 202020

20:00–23:00 Ponedjeljak 18.5.2020.

Očekivane loše vijesti iz srca Katalonije. Jebiga.

Sex For Christmas

20:00–23:00 Ponedjeljak 25.12.2023.

Glazbena kulisa za blagdanski kuršlus(za stolom i na njemu)

QRT Daydreaming


Ne zaboravite novi dnevni mix hitova po izboru quasiriot mladića, svaki petak od 1500-1700.

Tjedna rotacija



RAMONES / Ramones (1976)

ST. VINCENT / Broken Man


DARKSIDE / Live at Spiral House

IPPIO PAYO / Talking Birds


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