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Electric Worm

23:00–23:59 Utorak 9.6.2020.

You need to learn to think for yourself.

She asked the question even though she didn’t really want to hear the answer. It was a no-win situation since she already knew. If he told the truth, she’d get confirmation of her worst fears. If he lied, she’d know that he wasn’t who she thought he was which would be almost as bad. Yet she asked the question anyway and waited for his answer.

She looked at her student wondering if she could ever get through. “You need to learn to think for yourself,” she wanted to tell him. “Your friends are holding you back and bringing you down.” But she didn’t because she knew his friends were all that he had and even if that meant a life of misery, he would never give them up.

“What is the best way to get what you want?” she asked. He looked down at the ground knowing that she wouldn’t like his answer. He hesitated, knowing that the truth would only hurt. How was he going to tell her that the best way for him to get what he wanted was to leave her?

  1. Hugo Kant – This Old Tune (Blossom Remix)
  2. The Herbaliser featuring Hannah Clive – The Lost Boy (Instrumental)
  3. Soul Square – Love Break
  4. Switch Groov Exp. – Dirty Boogaloo (Suonho Don’t Be Afraid ReJam)
  5. The Herbaliser – Goldrush
  6. Dj Pone – My Definition
  7. Mo´ Horizons – Holy Water
  8. Leftfield – Original (Remastered)
  9. Prefuse 73 – Smile In Your Face
  10. Megashira – Spindrift
  11. Hugo Kant – So Why?
  12. Dj Netik – You wanna fuck what
  13. Beastie Boys – Electric Worm
  14. Ancient Astronauts – Worldwide
  15. Dj Pone – Soul Frog
  16. Circle Research – 93 Flows

autor: petar, 09/06/2020

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