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DJ VOICES / Avoiding Bad Thoughts (R)

19:00–20:30 Petak 17.5.2024.

Američka DJ-ica u ‘drive’ miksu iz Mixtape Club serije. Mixed Up!


Amandra and Karim – Sqala 4.2 (natural/electronic.system. remix)
HhÉiR – Hang My Hat
Nvs – Avoiding Bad Thoughts
DJ Headshot & Matris – Space Bells
Harry Mariani – Nagchampa
Lowplay – Pulser
Protect Ryan – Liam Features (Boulderhead Remix)
Steve O’Sullivan feat. Ben Buitendijk – Take It
Nathan Kofi – My Heart Will Go On
A Hutchie – Coco (NPNP Dance Mix)
Ayuji – Heliopolis
Maroki – Alfred Stole My Brain
Emissive – Sunset Yellow
Aria Rostami – Bolbol (Sepehr Dark UKG Mix)
Maara – Ultimate Revenge
St. David – Da Love Feeling (Main Mix)
Quelaan – Veleity
Piezo – Unto
Fictional Devices – Asteroid Island
Wavesense – Mirage
C O N T X T – Beneath the Bloom
FFF – World is Closed
DJ Hank – Stay
AGILITÄT – Logopedics

In DJ Voices’ words: “Growing up in Florida, driving was a significant part of everyday life. It was also one of the most formative ways of listening to music for me. Some of my fondest musical memories involve driving, usually alone and for long stretches, completely immersed in the sounds I was hearing as the road stretched out ahead of me. Largely for this reason, driving was also my favorite means of “escape” as it provided emotional release and a way to get in touch with a deeper sense of imagination and creativity.

“So for this mix I wanted to make something that I imagined I would listen to while driving, something literally transportive with plenty of dreamy sounds to zone out to. It’s still a mix comprised of dance music, but I think for me there’s a shared affinity between the club and the car as forms of escape through being totally consumed by the music you’re hearing.

“I wanted the pacing of the mix to mimic that of a long drive: acceleration and downshifting, moods transforming with the landscape. The title comes from the name of one of my favorite songs in the mix and summarizes what I think a good drive can achieve : )”

autor: Ante Marković, 09/05/2024

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DNApoli/Emcee O’Zi – Operazione San Gennaro MixtapeVol.2

17:00–18:00 Petak 16.11.2018.

Mala najava onog što nas očekuje sutra uvečer, s Kockinog DJ pulta. A Vinyl Selection of Rare, Neapolitan Obscure Records from 70’s and 80’s. Ili DNApoli i Famiglia Discocoristiana.

GREG WILSON / Early 80s Floorfillers

19:00–20:00 Petak 21.5.2021.

Britanski DJ pionir u epizodi Early 80s Floorfillers.

ANDREW WEATHERALL / At Dalston Superstore

19:00–20:15 Petak 15.12.2023.

Weatheralllov mix iz 2012. svira nam u ovotjednom izdanju rubrike Mixed Up.

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DJ VOICES / Avoiding Bad Thoughts (R)

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