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Richard Burton – Prince of players

17:00–18:00 Utorak 1.12.2020.

Dobrodošlu 22. izdanje izdanje emisije Never on Tuesday!

Danas ćemo pričati o Richardu Burtonu, jednome od najvećih glumaca 20-og stoljeća. Pisac Tom Rubython napisao je za njega:

Burton’s achievement was even more pronounced as his prowess uniquely spanned theatre, fi lm and television unlike any other actor before him. In the end, he became a genuine legend in his own lifetime and in the mid-sixties, for one year, he stood at the very pinnacle of Hollywood as the world’s most bankable actor. He also loved and lost some the most beautiful and talented actresses of the era, including Elizabeth Taylor, Claire Bloom and Susan Strasberg. But he could have achieved even more if it had not been for his addiction to alcohol, a fate inherited from his father and which stayed with him right to the end of his days, eventually killing him and tarnishing an otherwise extraordinary career.

Čujemo se danas u 17 sati!

autor: Stela Zorić, 01/12/2020


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