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Natpis je ponovno obješen i vrata su zatvorena, u PASHTROCHu Jam sessions revival collectivea ponovno popisujemo robu.


PASHTROCH: INVENTURA vol. 2 je drugi nastavak (ne)usmjerenog pregleda glazbene, godine gospodnje, 2015. Provaj te nas ponovno i ove subote u produženom izdanju od 13:00 do 15:00.

Police My Love – The Mantles (All Odds End)

Cry Baby – Wavves (V)

Summoning Suns – James Blackshaw (Summoning Suns)

Make Love Stay – Astropol (The Spin We’re In)

Pretty Pimpin – Kurt Vile (B’lieve I’m Goin Down…)

John Doe – Young Fathers (White Men Are Black Men Too)

I Really Dont Care – Bilal (In Another Life)

HowUGonFu*kAroundAndChooseABusta’? – Dam-Funk (Invite the Light)

Losin You – Orgone (Beyond The Sun)

There Are Too Many Of Us – Blur (The Magic Whip)

The Weekend – Dave Rawlings Machine (Nashville Obsolete)

Offred – Dan Mangan + Blacksmith (Club Meds)

Useless Europeans – Refused (Freedom)

Love Is The Future – Hot Chip (Why Make Sense?)

The Moment – Tame Impala (Currents)

Sudnji Don – Valentino Bosković

Ooo – !!! (As If)

Papa Was A Rolling Stone – Marcus Miller (Afrodeezia)

Advantage Points – Chilly Gonzales (Chambers)

Stranger In A Room (feat. Oliver Sim) – Jamie xx (In Colour)

Low – Rival Consoles (Howl)

Ručak – Porto Morto

Rom Say Sok – Dengue Fever (The Deepest Lake)

Hardrocklover – Prince (HitNRun Phase One)

Here’s to the Death of All the Romance – The Dears (Times Infinity, Vol. One)

Perfect Life – Steven Wilson (Hand. Cannot. Erase.)

Random Name Generator – Wilco (Star Wars)

You Don’t Know Me – Son Lux (Bones)

Dern Kala – Khruangbin (The Universe Smiles Upon You)

In Quiet Streets – Sleaford Mods (Key Markets)

New Gravity – Lil Bub (Science & Magic: A Soundtrack to the Universe)

Dull Boys – Archy Marshall (A New Place 2 Drown)

autor: Ivan Poljicanin, 26/12/2015

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PAShTROCh: Pictures of You


. . . eo nas jope . . .

Sour Soul

16:00–18:00 Subota 21.10.2017.

˝Most of our lives aren’t that exciting, but the drama is still going on in the small details.˝ – David Byrne


16:00–18:00 Subota 1.5.2021.

Intro je možda najteži dio svako slaganja glazbe, kojim god imenom tu radnju opisivali.

Sound of Ceres

16:00–18:00 Subota 25.3.2017.

˝Don’t let the same dog bite you twice.˝ – Chuck Berry

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HOT CHIP / Freakout/Release

U2 / War (1983)

NAKHANE / Tell Me Your Politik

MR. C / Deep House Amsterdam


PORTO MORTO / Portofon (2019)


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