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23:00–23:59 Utorak 21.4.2020.

I don’t know how I know, but I just do.

Stranded. Yes, she was now the first person ever to land on Venus, but that was of little consequence. Her name would be read by millions in school as the first to land here, but that celebrity would never actually be seen by her. She looked at the control panel and knew there was nothing that would ever get it back into working order. She was the first and it was not clear this would also be her last.

It’s not his fault. I know you’re going to want to, but you can’t blame him. He really has no idea how it happened. I kept trying to come up with excuses I could say to mom that would keep her calm when she found out what happened, but the more I tried, the more I could see none of them would work. He was going to get her wrath and there was nothing I could say to prevent it.

You know that tingly feeling you get on the back of your neck sometimes? I just got that feeling when talking with her. You know I don’t believe in sixth senses, but there is something not right with her. I don’t know how I know, but I just do.

  1. The Q4 – Beer Goggle Blues
  2. Anitek – Red Chairs (Original Mix)
  3. Underworld – Best Mamgu Ever
  4. RJD2 – 2 More Dead
  5. Keizan – The City
  6. Circle Research – Know The Deal
  7. Travelling Day – The Factory of Happiness
  8. Chinese Man – Saudade
  9. St Germain – Montego Bay Spleen
  10. Guts – Laisser Lucie faire
  11. Tycho – Melanine
  12. Portishead – Humming
  13. Marsmobil – Sometimes I Don’t Regret
  14. Ancient Astronauts – Robots Are Taking Over

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23:00–23:59 Utorak 19.5.2020.

What have you noticed today?

Beautiful Face

23:00–23:59 Utorak 3.11.2020.

I sure hope that things get better soon.

Smoke & Mirrors

23:00–23:59 Utorak 10.11.2020.

And the next day would be Christmas…


23:00–23:59 Utorak 23.2.2021.

Thundercats are on the move, Thundercats are loose.

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WEYES BLOOD / And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

STEREO MC’S / Connected (1992)

MORRISSEY / Rebels Without Applause


10,000 MANIACS / MTV Unplugged

Nenad Vilović / Prizma (2022)


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