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MARIBOU STATE / fabric presents

19:00–20:00 Petak 6.5.2022.

Engleski dvojac u četvrtoj epizodi ‘fabric presents’ miks serije. Mixed Up!

“In this mix we wanted to create a world of music that in its entirety you wouldn’t expect to hear within the walls of fabric, but would reflect the hours spent before heading to the club; drinks at a friend’s house, the journey into London, travelling on the underground and the anticipation in the build-up beforehand. We captured and used a bunch of field recordings of us re-taking the journey to and from the club to help this narrative. The mix culminates in some original pieces of music that represent our interpretation of fabric’s sound within its walls, peppered with samples from old DJ sets from fabric’s ‘True Playaz’ nights to give the mix a nostalgic feel and reconnect our roots to the club.” – Maribou State

01. Intro
02. Stelvio Cipriani – Mary’s Theme
03. Nick Hakim – Cuffed
04. North Downs – Settle Down
05. Art Feynman – Slow Down
06. Kutiman – Line 5
07. Risco Connection – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now
08. Supersempfft – I See Stars
09. Kiki Gyan – Disco Dancer
10. Nu Guinea – Je Vulesse
11. Oriyin – Roll The Dice
12. Botany – Wednesday Night Oct 28 2015
13. Ekkehard Ehlers – Play John Cassavetes 2
14. jitwam – Desires
15. Julien Dyne – Hours feat. Ladi6
16. Long Island Sound – I Still Love You
17. Shire Tea – Hackney Birdwatch
18. Maribou State – Mother
19. Radiohead – Reckoner (Maribou State Remix)
20. Maribou State – Strange Habits Feat. Yussef Dayes
21. Shire Tea – Gentlemen’s Whistle Club
22. Hailu Mergia – Yefikir Engurguro


autor: Ante Marković, 05/05/2022

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