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Dancing Dan’s Christmas (#216)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 2324.12.2020.

Dancing Dan’s Christmas (#216)

An old-fashioned Holiday Program from me, in that it’s the way I used to do them, 10 years ago.



Dancing Dan’s Christmas

Featuring cut ups of “Dancing Dan’s Christmas,” and episode of The Damon Runyon Theater from 13 March 1949, and the KMART Christmas Tape.

Part I:

01.) American Story * Cult Heroes * Killed By Death Vol. 12
02.) (I Should Better Be Lookin’ For) Dangerman * The Mummies * Death By Unga Bunga!!
03.) Searchin’ * The Coasters * The Coasters

Part II:

04.) A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn’t So) * The Flaming Lips * Ego Tripping At The Gates of Hell EP
05.) One Christmas At A Time * Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick * One Christmas At A Time
06.) Mr. Santa Claus * Nathaniel Mayer * Village of Love
07.) Santa’s Beard * They Might Be Giants * Lincoln

Part III:

08.) Follow Blind * The Wipers * Follow Blind
09.) Christmas In The Congo * Marquees * Jeezus Fuck, It’s Christmas!
10.) Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto * James Brown * Jeezus Fuck, It’s Christmas!

Part IV:

11.) (It’s Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas * The Ravers * Once Upon A Time Vol. 13: California & Pacific Northwest 1977
12.) It Came Upon A Midnight Clear * Eban Schletter * Eban Schletter’s Cosmic Christmas
13.) Christmas Blues * Washboard Pete * Jeezus Fuck, It’s Christmas!
14.) Christmas In Jail * The Youngsters * Black Christmas
15.) Yulesville * Edward ‘Kookie’ Byrnes * Jeezus Fuck, It’s Christmas!
16.) C’mon Santa! * Mach Bell & His Elves * Xmas Snertz: Have A Very Gulcher Christmas!

Part V:

17.) I Am A Human Recording * Hal McGee * Battery Operated

autor: Austin Rich, 20/12/2020

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