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Christmas Shopping In The Future With Jerry Browning (#214)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 910.12.2020.

Christmas Shopping In The Future With Jerry Browning (#214)

This is sort of a grab-bag program, in many ways. There’s some live Mini-Mutations, what I’m calling Futuristic Christmas Carols, as I pontificate on the holiday season.

Then, there’s a quartet of Holiday Episodes from Calling All Detectives, with Jerry Browning.

Then we close with another installment of Hal McGee’s Holiday Audio Assemblage from last year, “Battery Operated,” with the second track from that disc.





Christmas Shopping In The Future With Jerry Browning

Part I: 

01.) Santa Claus Is Murdered * Calling All Detectives * 7 December 1948

Part II: 

02.) Too Many Santas * Calling All Detectives * 24 December 1948

Part III: 

03.) A Case While Shopping * Calling All Detectives * 31 December 1948

Part IV: 

04.) A Christmas Ornament Is A Valuable Clue * Calling All Detectives * 5 January 1949

Part V: battery operated

05.) a dream from which I just awoke * Hal McGee * battery operated * Self-Released (2020)

Part VI: 

06.) High Pressure * The Adventures of Rocky Jordan * 27 November 1949

autor: Austin Rich, 09/12/2020

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