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Tral Neu

22:00–23:00 Nedjelja 13.2.2022.

Community radio KLFM predstavlja virtualni underground glazbeni kolektiv Tral Neu.

Tral Neu is a virtual underground music collective. With COVID-19 pandemic stopping everyone in their tracks throughout 2020 / 21, Tral Neu gathered in various permutations for the total of six recordings that shape their recently released, eponymous mini-album; on vocals Violet Candide (Mitra Mitra / Violetiger / Peppy Pep Pepper), Dee Rüsche (Női Kabát / Zukunftsstadt), Peter Hope (Wrong Revolution), Mala Herba, Moira Kirstin Boyd, Jack Duckworth (Soft Riot) and Madmoizel; on guitar Johnny Geiger (Postman) and Gran Bankrott (Starship Skysaw / 2 Pigs Under 1 Umbrella); on synthesizer Richard Anderson (This Is The Bridge) and, again, Jack Duckworth; on percussion Mikal Maldoror (Soda Gomorra / Ausländer); on noises Iv/An.

The cult artist Stelarc kindly agreed to be the face of the project, appearing on the mini-album front cover, and all the promotional segments.

Mastered by Miroslav Piškulić

The contents (with listed performers on each song):

  1. The Industry Wheel (Violet Candide / Gran Bankrott / Richard Anderson / Iv/An)
  2. Protection (Dee Rüsche / Richard Anderson / Mikal Maldoror / Iv/An)
  3. Gone With The Light (Peter Hope / Iv/An)
  4. Of Kafka And Building Blocks (Mala Herba / Johnny Geiger / Iv/An)
  5. Ages And Eons (Moira Kirstin Boyd / Iv/An)
  6. Making The Same Mistake (Jack Duckworth / Madmoizel)

“Remix” is a special ltd edition single release, accompanying Tral Neu’s eponymous 6-track debut mini-album

For the occasion, three exclusive recordings were commissioned – two of these in remix form:

  1. The Industry Wheel (Dean Honer Remix) with Violet Candide (Mitra Mitra / Violetiger / Peppy Pep Pepper) on vocals, Dean Honer (The All Seeing I / I Monster / The Moonlanding / The Eccentronic Research Council) completely re-imagined the original song, creating a unique remix version, all of his own
  2. Seven Tears (Warren Defever Remix) using segments from several pieces off of Tral Neu’s eponymous mini-album, Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive) used vocal segments by Mala Herba and various noises by Jack Duckworth (Soft Riot) and Iv/An, while Warren added his very own ideas into the piece (mellotron strings, guitar and rhythms). resulting in something as ghostly as only HNIA’s mastermind would have come up with.
  3. An Ideal Of Reason a song (think of it as a “b-side”) recorded exclusively for this single, again featuring Violet Candide on vocals and Iv/An handling everything else.

The single comes in physical form of a 3″ cd-r single (very ltd edition of 50) or digitally via Tonal Shifts’ Bandcamp page.

For more information, please visit: www.tonalshifts.bandcamp.com

autor: Ante Marković, 07/02/2022

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