Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

community radio

Dans leur coeur il y a des cactus!

7:00–9:00 Subota 30.10.2021.

Je suppose que ça va aller ?

My favourite bands (episode: Almost killed me)

7:00–9:00 Subota 16.10.2021.

I got bored when I didn’t have a band.
So I started a band.
We’re gonna start it with a positive jam.
Hold steady!

Um um well excuse me

7:00–8:00 Subota 2.10.2021.

I want to write away
I want to write here
I want to write brave words to fight fear

Take ’em to Hollywood, cut out the good parts

7:00–8:00 Subota 4.9.2021.

I got up, got in a car
Said I don’t think I’m gonna go very far
Just take me one time around the ballroom slow
And take me home

she’s upset because they keep changing the taste of coke

7:00–8:00 Subota 21.8.2021.

Tell my mother I’m going home, I have been destroyed by hippie powers

Another season, but the same old feelings

7:00–8:00 Subota 31.7.2021.

Grab your clothes and head to the doorway
If you dance out, no one complains

Car je gol

17:00–17:30 Petak 9.7.2021.

Koliko ste puta htjeli povikati “Car je gol!” ali niste zbog straha od osude ili etikete hejtera?

Mi plačemo iza tamnih naočara

7:00–8:00 Subota 26.6.2021.

‘Cause when the city drops into the night
Before the darkness there’s one moment of light
When everything seems clear
The other side, it seems so near

Uslovna sloboda

7:00–8:00 Subota 12.6.2021.

When I was a kid I saw a light
Floating high above the trees one night
Thought it was an alien
Turned out to be just god

A vulture predisposed to eating off floors (Take-two)

7:00–8:00 Subota 5.6.2021.

Ko viruje u telekinezu, neka digne moju ruku!

Fill in the _____!(summer re-run)

7:00–8:00 Subota 14.8.2021.

Note to invading aliens, avoid this town, like this town avoided us!

Tko se boji kritike još?

17:00–17:30 Petak 14.5.2021.

Kritično o kritici.


Tjedna rotacija



THE PRODIGY / Music For The Jilted Generation (1994)

METRONOMY / It’s good to be back

LOUSIAHHH!!! / In Session

FONTAINES D.C. – Live At Kilmainham Gaol (2021)

PORTO MORTO / Portopop