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Reflection (#118)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 1213.9.2018.

The release of People Like Us‘ new album The Mirror got me thinking about reflections, and what the do and do not say about us and our state of mind. As I begin to prepare for an incredible voyage to make new friends and travel far, I am compelled to take a similar trip through music and sound, hoping to stumble upon something that works.

In hour one, I continue to mine the joy that comes from new music that I have come across recently. This is a great mix, with a lot of cool stuff that I do not announce during the show, so please, read the notes below.

Then, in hour two, Mini-Mutations sort of busts open the idea of reflection with an hour-long jam on the subject itself. Samples (manipulated with a MicroGranny & a pair of Numark CDJs), bass, and a delay pedal.

And you were there!





The Unbearable Reflections by CBS Radio Mystery Theater (15 August 1975) and The Man In The Mirror by The Macabre (27 November 1961).


Part I: 

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Flake * Inspector 22 * Friendship Cemetery Revisited (1997 – 2003) * Therapy Tapes (2014)
03.) Most Big * Chefkirk * Big Disc * Self-Released

Part II: 

04.) We Bask In The Radiance of Dear Leader’s Omnipotent Excellence * Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble * Taxidermy Frogs Copulating * Butte County Free Music Society (2018)
05.) Ego Death * The Viper * Art For Pain’s Sake * Self-Released (2016)
06.) Polydactyly * The Conduits * Descending Order * Chair Chair Tapes (2016)
07.) Not Who I Was * Lawrence Crane * Craniostomy 1981 – 1987 Vol One * Butte County Free Music Society (2016)

Part III: 

08.) False Memories * Jen Sandwich * Electronic Cottage 004 * ElectronicCottage.org (2018)
09.) I Don’t Believe In Color * Idler Arms * Kubelik Unbugged * Self-Released (2012)
10.) [track 3] * Hal McGee * Halzine #11 * Self-Released (2018)
11.) Do You See What I Hear * People Like Us * The Mirror * Self-Released (2018)


Part IV: 

18.) Reflection [Live Performance] * Mini-Mutations

autor: el5egundo, 10/09/2018

Vezane objave


Ludovico Einaudi – Elements (2015.)


‘Elements’ je najnoviji uradak svestranog talijanskog skladatelja Ludovica Einaudija, čovjeka koji se okušao u brojnim podrućjima (ambijentalna, filmska, eksperimentalna glazba), kao i stilovima (neoklasika, lounge, minimalizam…). Riječ je o noćnom, refleksivnom albumu koji potiče na razmišljanje o naravi svijeta, kroz rasčlanjivanje pojma “elementa” na brojnim razinama. Ukoliko pak ne možete zaspati, ili smatrate da rano dovršeni subotnji večernji izlazak zahtjeva još malo materijala pred san, ovo je album za vas!

Baobab Radio – Como la Flor w/ Jazmin (repost)

18:00–20:00 Nedjelja 7.6.2020.

Música sentimental for all the sad girls and sad boys. Danas puštamo mix, koji inače za NTS radio uređuje Jazmin,…

No Guns (Part I): This Isn’t Just A Mental Health Issue (#91)

0:00–3:00 Četvrtak 8.3.2018.

As I am often fond of saying on this show: “I don’t mean to get political. Except, that, I do.”…


21:00–23:00 Srijeda 17.3.2021.

The difference between noise and music is in what the musician does with the sounds.

Tjedna rotacija



STEVIE WONDER / Innervisions (1973)

JOHN GRANT / It’s A Bitch


MY MORNING JACKET / Live at Bonnaroo

REVIRGIN / Moderna rješenja (2023.)


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