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Ramen City Radio (KWVA Years)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 1920.5.2021.

Ramen City Radio (KWVA Years)
(Featuring excerpts from the earliest days of our program featuring one of the most important figures in college radio history: The Ramen City Kid.)

(This show was originally assembled 9 years ago.)

As we continue our journey through the nostalgic origins of this program for our 14th Anniversary, we cannot overlook the influence of none other than The Ramen City Kid. Roommate, zinester, bread baker, and much much more, I met him in 1994, and we’ve been friends (and often roommates) ever since. His taste has affected my interest in film, music, radio, people, books, and everything in between, and without him, I would not be the person (or DJ) I am today. It is to him that this episode is dedicated, as we listen to edited highlights from five of his recorded appearances on this program in 1998, and one additional section of a show I did with Captain Morgain in 1999.

There were others, of course, but time has not been kind, and many of these programs went un-recorded, or lost in the years since. Still, these excerpts serve to give you a sense of what the program was like in those days, with and ear for emphasizing his voice and musical selections as best as possible. None of these shows exist in their complete forms, but I’ve done my best to present the spirit of these shows for a modern audience. I hope you enjoy the results.

As a point of order: aside from the spots, and voice overs, all the music heard in this program were taken from the original broadcasts as listed below. Those songs were actually played that night. I’ve created loops for the voice overs, but those songs really were heard in those days.

This one is a concentrated blast of nostalgic radio, without any of the bells and whistles. Hopefully there will be more bells and whistles in future shows.

See you in seven!


Ramen City Radio

Part I: Introducing The Ramen City Kid (17 June 1998)

01.) The Dr. Who Theme Music
02.) High School Is A Prison * Mojo Nixon
03.) Sunday [Excerpt] * Sonic Youth
04.) Start! * The Jam
05.) Vampire Girl * KPANTS
06.) DIY * Screeching Weasel
07.) The Dreams Of A Working Girl * Comet Gain
08.) godheadSilo [Excerpt]
09.) Polish Cabaret Record

Part II: Skate Rock (01 July 1998)

10.) The World Wasn’t Built In A Day [Excerpt] * Nomeansno
11.) Rendezvous Service * Hungaria
12.) The Kids At The Club * Comet Gain
13.) Save The Children! * Sam & Joe
14.) Let’s Go Get Cokes! * The Faction
15.) In The Kingdom #19 * Sonic Youth

Part III: Emo (08 July 1998)

16.) Frankie Carle [Excerpt I]
17.) Creep In The Celar * The Butthole Surfers
18.) Another Weekend * Comet Gain
19.) The Switch Is Down * Universal Order Of Armageddon
20.) Fake Fake Eyes * …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
21.) Frankie Carle [Excerpt II]

Part IV: The Naked Show (22 July 1998)

22.) In The Air Tonight [Excerpt] * godheadSilo
23.) Rah Rah Replica * Bikini Kill
24.) Kill All The White Man [Live] * NOFX
25.) Oregon * The Western Front
26.) D&D Fantasy * KARP
27.) Talent, OR * Fuck
28.) Anatomically Correct * God Is My Co-Pilot

Part V: The Crazy Show (16 September 1998)

29.) Teenagers Are Boring [Excerpt] * Red Monkey
30.) 49er Stomp * 9th Life
31.) “There’s Always Time To Heal” * Batman Animated Series
32.) “Sinner” * Kult
33.) The Love Theme From Kiss * Adam Woodrow
34.) Beers, Steers & Queers [Excerpt] * Revolting Cocks
35.) Tighten Up * Comet Gain
36.) Carousel of Madonnas * Eva Demarcheck
37.) Rearranged * Crimpshrine

Part VI: A Little Bit Of The Dork Rock w/ Captain Morgain (28 April 1999)

01.) Page 2 (Fantomas) *
02.) Theme (Los Mex Pistols) *
03.) ?? (Deep Wound) *
04.) I’m A Headhunter (The Headhunters) *
05.) Fascist Pig (Suicidal Tendencies) *
06.) ?? (The Twitz) *
07.) ?? (??) *
08.) Sugar Sugar [Live] (Germs) *
09.) Open Your Eyes (The Avengers)
10.) ?? (The Avengers) *
11.) Outdone (Uncle Tupelo) *
12.) ?? (Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo) *
13.) Suck A Caribou’s Ass (Wesley Willis) *
14.) Goodbye Everybody (The Cartoon Planet Band)


autor: el5egundo, 16/05/2021

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