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Queer u eteru 006

11:00–12:00 Ponedjeljak 24.2.2020.

… In a draft for Cities of the Plain (Sodome et Gomorrhe), Proust evokes as a paradigmatic figure the “young boy made fun of by his brothers and friends” who walks alone for hours on the beach, sitting on boulders and questioning the blue sea with a melancholy eye, an eye already full of worry and persistence, wondering if perhaps in this marine landscape with an azure sky – the same that already glittered in the days of Marathon and Salamis – he might not see advancing toward him on a rapid skiff and ready to whisk him away, the very Antinous that he dreamed of all day long, and all night, as well, when any passerby could see him in the moonlight at the window of his villa, gazing out into the night, but hiding himself as soon as he was noticed – still too pure to imagine that a desire such as his could exist anywhere other than in the pages of a book.

  1. Judy Garland – By Myself (live)
  2. Josipa Lisac – Ne Prepoznajem Ga
  3. Molly Nilsson – I’m Still Wearing His Jacket
  4. Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell
  5. Annie Lennox – Why
  6. Mina – Ancora Ancora Ancora
  7. Bebi Dol – Rudi
  8. Robyn – Ever Again
  9. Madonna – Paradise (Not For Me)
  10. Hole – Petals
  11. Roisin Murphy – Ancora Tu
  12. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill

But what book would Proust be speaking of? He also gives a description of the mechanism by which a particular relation to reading is established for gay men and by which they are led to identify with female characters: such is the only for them to live out, by proxy, an emotional relation with another man: “Through an unconscious transposition, they associate with their bizarre desire everything that literature or art or life has contributed throughout the centuries to the effort to widen the notion of love as one would be the bed of a river…. They await faithfully – as would a heroine in a novel by Walter Scott – the arrival of Rob Roy or Ivanhoe.” Perhaps this is the source of the importance for gay men of culture in the large sense and of the fascination so often noted for “divas” and “stars”, whether of films, the press, literature, books, the arts, and so on.


Insult and the Making of the Gay Self – Didier Eribon, Duke University Press, Durham and London, 2004


Program „Queer u eteru“ sufinanciran je sredstvima Europskih snaga solidarnosti Europske unije.

autor: Mirta Barić, 23/02/2020

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