Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

Ode To The Rodes

23:00–23:59 Utorak 25.1.2022.

The bowl was filled with fruit.

The bowl was filled with fruit. It seemed to be an overabundance of strawberries, but it also included blueberries, raspberries, grapes, and banana slices. This was the meal Sarah had every morning to start her day since she could remember. Why she decided to add chocolate as an option today was still a bit of a surprise, but she had been in the process of deciding she wanted to change her routine. This was a baby step to begin that start.

The young man wanted a role model. He looked long and hard in his youth, but that role model never materialized. His only choice was to embrace all the people in his life he didn’t want to be like.

It all started with a random letter. Several of those were joined forces to create a random word. The words decided to get together and form a random sentence. They decided not to stop there and it wasn’t long before a random paragraph had been cobbled together. The question was whether or not they could continue the momentum long enough to create a random short story.

  1. Moss – Retread Lightly
  2. C-Mon & Kypski – Ode To The Rodes
  3. Damu The Fudgemunk – This Is An Introduction
  4. Mark Farina – Midnight Calling
  5. Mark Farina – Dopebeatz
  6. Big Muff – Poppy’s Song
  7. Raw Instinct – De La Bass (Mousse T.’s Defmix Re-Master)
  8. Slide Five – Streamline
  9. FDEL – A Fuller Culture
  10. TM Juke – Form to Follow (feat. Kelster)
  11. Mark Farina – Cali Spaces (Remix)
  12. J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – Chopsticks

autor: petar, 16/11/2021

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