Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

NASTIA / xlr8r

17:00–18:00 Petak 4.1.2019.

Ukrajinka Nastia u “intelligent drum & bass and minimal/experimental” miksu koji je krajem prošle godine napravila za XLR8R podcast seriju.

“Since I didn’t record any mix for a year, it was difficult to push myself to sit down and create it. It took longer than usual, but somehow it’s easier for me to record drum & bass mixes rather than techno, because I don’t know much about this scene and I was counting only on my feelings and intuition. I’ve always stuck to minimalistic music, because it has a lot of room for a fantasy; it’s soft, intelligent and smooth, so I definitely had an idea how this podcast should sound like.

“I checked the whole collection of drum & bass on my laptop and I selected some tracks first, then I stayed in the studio for a couple of hours checking how I can build my story up and then I recorded it at my home studio the next night before I left to my USA tour—always the last minute, just couple of hours before my flight.

“All my mixes I’ve ever done in my life were recorded live in real time without using any programs or a laptop, just with my little friend Sony PCM-M10 recorder. Somehow I have never recorded any of my mixes twice, they’ve always been made on the first take. And this time, I even tried to mix this podcast in an alternative way, but I stopped on minute 21—I felt I shouldn’t. But I wasn’t sure about the quality and perfection of this mix, I had a lot of doubts and stress before I listened to it for the first time. Actually I was surprised how good it is in the end and basically I found it really perfect. The way I built it up and told my story is real and flowing, it’s unpredictable and eclectic, soulful and futuristic, dubby and dynamic, all in the same time. I loved it and listened to it five times on the way to America before I sent it to you. It’s perfect for listening on the plane, in the car, at the hotel or home, before sleep and before the party. It became one of my favorites and I am very much happy with this work. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to release and express myself in this beautiful way, I really appreciate it. ❤️


autor: Ante Marković, 02/01/2019

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CARIBOU / Rough Trade Mixtape 2020

17:00–18:00 Petak 3.4.2020.

Ovog petka u 17h slušamo mixtape koji je za Rough Trade složio Dan Snaith i svima nam bar malo olakšao ove karantenske dane.

Róisín Murphy / FACT

17:00–18:00 Petak 8.3.2019.

Ovotjedni Mixed Up donosi uvrnuti mixtape koji je Róisín Murphy prošle godine napravila za FACT podcast seriju.

ANDY VOTEL / Histoire de Melody Vannier

17:00–18:10 Petak 14.6.2019.

Finders Keepers head honcho u jednom od svojih maestralnih mixeva u koji je ugurao preko 60 stvari koje potpisuje magični francuski kompozitor i producent Jean-Claude Vannier.


19:00–20:00 Petak 22.1.2021.

Nijemci Gernot Bronsert i Sebastian Szary kao Modeselektor u miksu večeras od 19 sati. Mixed Up.

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LCSM / Earthbound

STEVIE WONDER / Music of my mind (1972)

MOGWAI / Ritchie Sacramento


THE DOORS / Absolutely Live

DARKWOOD DUB / Elektro Pionir