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Kendrick, Kanye, Freddie Gibbs i Bronson imaju nove pjesme. Drake je izdao mixtape, Kanye je opet napravio show na dodijeli Grammyja. Otkriven je cover art za Bronsonov nadolazeći album. Vrh tjedan.

Bio je ovo jako dobar tjedan za hip hop. Kendrick Lamar ima novu pjesmu s albuma koji će ubrzo (nadajmo se) biti vani, Kanye West ima novu pjesmu, također s albuma koji bi trebao ubrzo izaći. Kanadski emotivko aka Drake ima novi mixtape. Osim konkretne muzike dogodile su se neke stvari poput Grammyja i dramice koja je nastala između Kanyea I Becka, prvi trailer za film o N.W.A.-u je napokon vani i izgleda jako dobro i Action Bronson nas je počastio svojim Jean-Claude Van Dammeovskim coverom za album koji izlazi (you guessed it) ubrzo.
Od svih ovih stvari koje bi u normalnim okolnostima bile veoma uzbudljive jedna je ipak najzanimljivija i recimo najprovokativnija, a to je nova pjesma Kendricka Lamara – “The Blacker The Berry”. Ovo nije jedna od onih najava u kojoj ja pokušam objasniti pjesmu jer sam na sreću našao nekoga tko je to već učinio i to puno bolje nego što bih ja to napravio. Pa bez puno odugovlačenja predstavljam vam kratki tekstić o Kendrickovoj novoj pjesmi i ulozi bijelog hip hop fana.


Alright, I need to get something off my chest & I’d love some honest feedback. Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker The Berry” was released yesterday. It’s a beautifully unapologetic, lyrically complex track while still getting it’s point across to even the most casual of listener. It’s simultaneous celebration/criticism of black culture, it’s globally reaching attack on cultural appropriation, it’s deeply introspective analysis of ones own hypocrisies bred from a world founded of the same hypocrisies, genius. To quote most everyone online, it’s fucking fire.
That being said, it aggravates me seeing responses from white listeners saying things like “It’s going to be awkward bumping this shit as a white guy” or just being turned off by the song because it makes them feel uncomfortable. I understand this reaction to an extent, but I think anyone who feels this way needs to figure out exactly what part of this makes them uncomfortable. A lot of the power of this song comes from talking about things that most people would rather ignore, possibly because of fear or a lack of self-examination.
Being a hip-hop fan in the 21st century means a lot more than just enjoying the music. We must have a deep understanding of the history behind how this culture came to be, and where it can go. It’s a social and political movement. In order to create real change for the better, we need to change the minds of the popular majority. This can’t be done by blacks alone. We have an immensely large group of white sleeper agents who only listen to hip hop through their headphones, and only discuss it through forums like this. White fans of hip-hop culture need to wear their love on their sleeves.
I have to believe that if you have a real passion for music, you believe that music can change the world. This is a chance for all hip-hop fans to speak openly and honestly about race issues in our country, and not just to each other but to opposing forces as well. So if you’re hesitant to blast your music, ask yourself why. If it’s for fear of being judged by your rap-loathing peers, challenge them to give this a chance and bring about a real discussion. You might be surprised how easy it is to get someone to look at others and themselves from a fresh perspective if you just nudge them in the right direction. If you’re afraid of what black people will say or do if they catch you listening to stuff like this, ask yourself what made you assume this would be a negative encounter. If you don’t agree with the horrific atrocities whites have unapologetically committed against blacks (and all non-whites) since the dawn of time, then for the love of god, stop listening.
But I assume most have yet to actually examine why this makes you uncomfortable in the first place. If you hide your love for politically charged songs like this, but blast that Migos mixtape you love so much, say nigga behind closed doors and talk about “getting real ignorant” on a regular basis, look at yourself closely. You have to challenge yourself to overcome your own hypocritical prejudices, no matter how harmless you think they may be.
I am saying all of this as a white male. I reject the notion that we should be quiet about race for fear of saying the wrong thing. If we’re saying the wrong thing, chances are we are thinking about things the wrong way. We need to be taken down a few (thousand) pegs. Say what you think, and make sure you really listen when you are corrected by your black brothers and sisters. I’m hoping to do the same right now.
tl;dr Listen to what you want publicly without apologies, but take the time to acquire the knowledge to back up your passion for your art. Or no?

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autor: petar, 13/02/2015

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