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Vi, koji se polako vraćate s godišnjih odmora (što je nekima neshvatljiv pojam), nemojte se ovog četvrtka nadati blagoj i veseloj jutarnjoj glazbenoj listi. Dok ste namakali svoje guzice u toplom moru, neki su radili, a neki su se – primjerice oni neimenovani pojednici iz Gaze ili Donbassa – bavili krucijalnijim pitanjima vlastitog preživljavanja. No, kako siješ, tako ćeš i žeti! Val nasilja se, izgleda, seli u predgrađa mirnih američkih gradova. Samo još nedostaje bakica Nuland (ili Nudelman, po kazarskom izvorniku) s pladnjem kolača za umorne prosvjednike na ulicama Fergusona, MO.


or, America v2.0




Winners and Defeaters,

We don’t like morality and we sure don’t want to preach about it, but your country, obsessed by the moral values – is now forcing us to do it. Let’s say this very loud and clear: The higher the buildings – the lower the morals; moral values in America today are nothing, pure nothing. Behind the faith in God evil is hiding, lots of evil and sin against humanity. Freedom, democracy, family, life protection and security for your own nation are based on violence, revenge and hatred for all who set up an obstacle to the overrated theory and practice of the American way. Lust for power, greed and arrogance is killing this nation and its souI – if there is still any left. The game you play – lying, stealing, sowing death – to protect your concept of morality and life against the life of others is not the right way. Heedless self-interest for countries like America was always bad morals: but it’s bad economics as well. There are no winners in this game, no victory in it for you or anybody else. In fact it’s a suicide your nation is doing to itself.

Although by the number of ammunition and guns, bombs and bullets, America might still be a leading force and a global super power, you appear to us, who had a chance to see you from up, close and personal, as a third world country, a clumsy giant filled wild fear and prejudices, a giant child abused by his parents, a large flock of sheep on the open range without a ranger, without a shepherd and a leader. Your president is the opposite of Christ – and his victory is based on moral values! Christian moral values! I tell you this: the worst government is always the most moral one. But when fanatics are on top, there is no limit to oppression. Morality, which is based on ideal, is unmitigated evil. And don’t forget – your president represents the majority of your nation! This time it is true – it’s not even a lie!

Well, my dear ones, it is also true that Americans in general are not too intelligent. For this  reason we can partly forgive you and overlook some of your sins. But this will not help stopping the decay. The historical primate of America is approaching its end and this is an historical fact. Like every empire, the USA is falling apart: E unum pluribus – from one many. United you fall – divided you’ll stand. The Divided States of America are being made and the civil war is being foretold!

/Peter Mlakar, NSK Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy/



(intro: Gunfire & Molotov Coctails)
01 Simon Joyner – ‘R’ Is For RIOT
02 Laurie Anderson – Statue Of Liberty
03 The Clash – I’m So Bored With The U.S.A.
04 Nirvana – Territorial Pissings
05 The Byrds – Spanish Harlem Incident
06 Jim White – Alabama Chrome
07 Dan Stuart – Gringo Go Home
08 Pine Hill Haints – St. Louis Blues
(intermezzo: The Police Response)
09 Billy Bragg – Help Save The Youth Of America
10 The Beach Boys – Surfin’ U.S.A.
11 Woody Guthrie – 1913. Massacre
12 Ry Cooder – There’s A Bright Side Somewhere
13 Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra – Sundown, Sundown
14 AA Bondy – American Hearts
15 The Doors – Peace Frog
16 REM – Final Straw
17 Allen Ginsberg – The Little Fish Devours The Big Fish
18 CAKE – I Bombed Korea
19 Eugene Chadbourne – Feel Like Iraq
20 Silver Jews – Federal Dust
(intermezzo: What Protesters said about Ferguson Riots)
21 Bob Dylan – The Chimes Of Freedom
22 Lou Reed – I Wanna Be Black
23 The Gun Club – Devil & The Nigger
24 Soul Coughing – St. Louis Is Listening
25 Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan
26 Gogol Bordello – 60 Revolutions
27 Gaslight Anthem – National Anthem
28 Steve Earle – John Walker’s Blues
29 William S. Burroughs – A Thanksgiving Prayer
30 Wilco – Ashes Of American Flags
(outtro: U2 – MLK)



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autor: Vjeran Stojanac, 19/08/2014

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