Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

Bawitdaba coming back to your speaker, beware!!

16:00–17:00 Subota 25.11.2023.

Get ready to dive into a time machine as we transport you back to the interesting guilty pleasure era for most.

Get ready to dive into a time machine as we transport you back to the gritty and electrifying era of the late ’90s and early ’00s. In today’s episode, we’re turning up the volume on the iconic sounds of nu metal, emo, and all things alternative!

Cue the heavy guitar riffs and angsty lyrics.

We’ve got a playlist stacked with unforgettable hits from bands that defined the era, including the soul-stirring melodies of Incubus, the powerhouse energy of Drowning Pool, the experimental sounds of Deftones, and the rebellious spirit of Limp Bizkit. And let’s not forget the timeless anthems from Hoobastank that still resonate today!

So, whether you’re reminiscing about the days of baggy jeans and chunky skate shoes or discovering these genre-defining tracks for the first time, join us as we celebrate the raw, emotional, and downright unforgettable music that shaped a generation.

Grab your coffee, settle in, and let the nostalgia flow. The Donut Shop is open, and the 90`s and early 00`s vibes are cranked up to 11!

autor: krafna, 25/11/2023

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THE SMILE / Wall Of Eyes

PRINCE / Purple Rain (1984)


GUY J / Balance

DEVO / Dev-O Live (1981)

EL JARA / Est (R)


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