Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

Devil makes his money on the small moves

7:00–9:00 Subota 20.4.2024.

Sometimes, we remember our bedrooms
And our parents’ bedrooms
And the bedrooms of our friends
Then we think of our parents
Well what ever happened to them?

I’m faking my own death so I can get some rest, I know I thought of everything, at last twice!

7:00–9:00 Subota 13.4.2024.

And I was drawing crazy pictures and before I was done
The pictures started pulsing like an alien lung
And I said “oh my god this is just begun”
And it was twelve more hours before I was done
We were up on the rooftop and I’ll tell you the truth
I was convinced I’d already fallen off of the roof
And these weird metal things rolling around in outta space
Were teleporting me from place to place
The last time I did acid I went insane

I wish you’d say goodbye the next time you go

7:00–9:00 Subota 6.4.2024.

Drew you a picture to remember
Threw it on the fire like a piece of pine
I pictured you mad
And I pictured you cold
Pictured you mean
And I pictured you bold

There was talk of love in Tennessee of the beauty of the 70’s

7:00–9:00 Subota 30.3.2024.

I can see the future in the air
With you sleeping in the morning
And if all our efforts lead to this
And how we barely slipped away

Why must we lose love to ever know love at all?(we lose it again, we lose it everyday)

7:00–9:00 Subota 23.3.2024.

Here’s to you, Nicola and Bart
Rest forever here in our hearts
The last and final moment is yours
That agony is your triumph

Must be a devil between us

7:00–9:00 Subota 24.2.2024.

She’s a witch of trouble in electric blue
In her own mad mind she’s in love with you
With you
Now, what you gonna do?

Desertscapes on the face of a girl were not the answer!

7:00–9:00 Subota 3.2.2024.

And we are not the answer!

He said “I don’t like to brag, but we’re kinda proud of that ragged old flag”

7:00–9:00 Subota 6.1.2024.

Not everything must end
Not every romance must descend
Not every lover’s pact decays
Not every sad mistake replays

Sometimes the mind, for reasons we don’t necessarily understand, just decides to go to the store for a quart of milk.

7:00–9:00 Subota 2.12.2023.

Well, he cursed all the roads and the oil men
And he cursed the automobile
Said; “This is no place for an hombre like I am
In this new world of asphalt and steel.”

I wonder if they ever dreamed, they would get just what we gave them?

7:00–9:00 Subota 23.9.2023.

She had a hairbrush mic and a fantasy band
She opened up with We Are The Champions
Went into right into Under my Wheels
I was trying to figure out how I feel

She thinks she missed the train to Mars, she’s out back counting stars (but the sky is full of clouds)

7:00–9:00 Subota 5.8.2023.

She’s not at work, she’s not at school
She’s not in bed, I think I finally broke her
I bring her home everything I want, and nothing that she needs
I thought she’d be there holding daisies, she always waits for me
She thinks she missed the train to Mars, she’s out back counting stars

Behold, the beast awakes! Stand trapped in his great shadow when the dawn breaks!

7:00–9:00 Subota 15.7.2023.

I’ll always be afraid
I’ll never let you down
You’ll never be alone
I’ll come home to you
To look ahead without doubt!


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