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At The Movies w/ DJ Victrola! (Halloween Spook-tacular 2020!) (#208)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 2829.10.2020.

At The Movies w/ DJ Victrola! (Halloween Spook-tacular 2020!) (#208)

Continuing our annual tradition, DJ Victrola and I put up a piece of plexiglass between us in the radio station lobby, and watch a bunch of old horror movies, talking about some of our favorite films.

Then, keep listening, as Victrola offers up a reading of a wonderful Lovecraft story, and then in hour two, I read the chilling story, “Lost Hearts.”


At The Movies w/ DJ Victrola! (Halloween Spook-tacular 2020!)

Hour 1:

01. ) The Mummy Theme (1932)
02.) The Creature From The Black Lagoon Theme (1954)
03.) The Wolf Man Theme (1941)
04.) King Kong Theme (1933)

05.) The Cats of Ulthar by H. P. Lovecraft (read by DJ Victrola)
06.) Cat People (Putting Out Fire) * David Bowie * Cat People * Backstreet Records (1982)

07.) River Hill Sheepsquatch * TerrorVision * WNUF TV28 Presents Frank Stewart Investigates * TerrorVision (2015)

08.) The Invisible Man Theme (1933)

Hour 2:

09.) The Terminator Theme (1984)
10.) Alien Theme (1979)

11.) Lost Hearts by M.R. James (read by Austin Rich)

12.) Videodrome Theme (1983)
13.) Invasion of The Body Snatchers Theme (1978)
14.) The Blob Closing Theme * The Five Blobs

15.) Tubular Bells (The Exorcist Theme) * Mike Oldfield * Tubular Bells * Virgin Records (1973)

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