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The People Who Died Part II (#219)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 1314.1.2021.

The People Who Died Part II (#219)

We are continuing our run-down of people and artists who have passed in the last three years, and play the work that they left behind.




The People Who Died

Part I:

01.) J’entends cette musique * France Gall * Les années Philips 1963-1969
02.) Cell Walk For Celeste * Cecil Taylor * New York City R&B

Part II:

03.) Rip It Up * Billy Haley & His Comets
04.) Corrine Corrina * Sven-Ingvars
05.) Happy Without You * The Strangers
06.) Incense And Peppermints * Strawberry Alarm Clock * Strawberries Mean Love
07.) Cindy’s Main Mood * Cecil Taylor * New York City R&B

Part III:

08.) 3/5ths of A Mile In 10 Seconds * Jefferson Airplane
09.) Maiden of the Cancer Moon * Quicksilver Messenger Service
10.) Grim Reaper Of Love * The Turtles
11.) California Dreamin’ * the Mammas & The Pappas.
12.) The Old Country * Nancy Wilson & The Cannonball Adderley Quintet
13.) Cindy’s Main Mood * Cecil Taylor * New York City R&B

Part IV:

14.) He’s A Rebel * The Crystals * Twist Uptown
15.) Ain’t Too Proud To Beg * The Temptations * The Best of Motown

Part IV:

16.) Supersonic Rocket Ship * The Kinks
17.) All the Young Dudes * Mott The Hoople
18.) Dinosaurs Mambo * The Beakers
19.) Tick Tock * The Celibate Rifles
20.) Good Times Roll * The Cars
21.) Everywhere I Go * The Muffs
22.) Like Like the the the Death * Silver Jews

Part V:

23.) Smoke Screen * The Adventures of Rocky Jordan * 8 January 1950

autor: Austin Rich, 12/01/2021

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