Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

The Conquest Of Fear

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 12.1.2020.

By the physical elimination of the causes of fear we have gradually undermined man’s inner resources for the conquest of fear.

  1. Kruna Svega/Svartgren
  2. Fall_To_Ascend/Sons of Apollo
  3. Sea.Of.Lies\Burning Witches
  4. Lust… Sacrilege & Blood/Power From Hel
  5. The Battle/Lightfold
  6. Inquire the Unknown/Navjarmaahr
  7. Fear/Metalord
  8. Under The Scalpel Blade/Carcass
  9. Mind Contro/Ural
  10. ELM ST/Rebel Priest
  11. Hollywood Burns/Ghost Walker
  12. Missteria(Radio.edit)/Gotthard
  13. headbangers holidays
  14. The Last Rager/Municipal Waste
  15. Beer Kill Kill/Korpiklaani
  16. Conquest/Existench
  17. Mystical Thieves/Lightforce

The psychologist, as well as some psychiatrists who have studied normal psychology, regard many fears as normal experiences which the individual can cope with largely through his own resources and with very little help in the way of visits or treatment. The trouble arises in the case of those people who have no personal resources to draw on. Their lives are so lacking in spiritual power, or so full of intellectual scepticism and distrust, that they cannot help themselves. They have no religious convictions or certainties by which to obtain leverage in their struggles. They have no firm philosophy of life on which they or those who would help them can lay hold. They are putty in the hands of the fears and forces that beset them from without.

The psychologist and the psychiatrist both find it difficult to do much to help such a person. And yet, this is the kind of person our civilization and education tends increasingly to produce. By the physical elimination of the causes of fear we have gradually undermined man’s inner resources for the conquest of fear.

autor: Vjeran Birimiša, 12/01/2020


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