Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

Pila Naopaklo

Heaven Shall Burn

Heaven Shall Burn

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 26.1.2020.

Heaven Shall Burn

In My Darkest Hour

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 19.1.2020.

Through the darkest hour, Your grace did not shine on me Through the darkest hour, Your grace did not shine on me Feels so cold, very cold, No one cares for me, Feels so cold, very cold, No one cares for me

The Conquest Of Fear

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 12.1.2020.

By the physical elimination of the causes of fear we have gradually undermined man’s inner resources for the conquest of fear.


21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 29.12.2019.


Under The Scalpel Blade

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 22.12.2019.

Surgery is a medical specialty that uses operative manual and instrumental techniques on a person to investigate or treat a pathological condition such as a disease or injury, to help improve bodily function or appearance or to repair unwanted ruptured areas.

The Killing Cross in Endless Night

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 15.12.2019.

Auf kargem Grunde/Aera Stay for a Night to Pray/Metall Bad Mushrooms/Tebe Nema Više Tu The Killing Cross/Black Label Society Endless…

Crossing The Black Death

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 8.12.2019.

Nightwish/Elan (Live.In.Buenos.Aires) Chapter 1/Anne Boleyn/The Courtship/Ex Libris Crossing The Blades/Running Wild Flight Of Torek/Aina The Black Death/Cremisi Selefice/Mora Avatarium/Voices Faster…

Unleash Hell

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 24.11.2019.

signo dato meo, emitte inferos

Hunger Crow in Retaliation

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 3.11.2019.

Wild crows can recognise individual human faces and hold a grudge for years against people who have treated them badly.

Murders In The New Morgue

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 20.10.2019.

Murders In The New Morgue

Portrait Of My Grave Shall Stand

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 13.10.2019.

Portrait Of My Grave Shall Stand

Dignity Last Time Has Come Blinded

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 29.9.2019.

The Great Unknown


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