Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

Surprise! You’re Dead

21:00–22:00 Nedjelja 26.4.2020.

Ha ha! open your eyes

  1. Glass House/ANVIL
  2. East of Eden/Tylor Dory Trio
  3. Night on Bald Mountain/Exmortus
  4. Pomp And Circumstance/ACCEPT
  5. Animal Magnetism/Memento Mori
  6. Don’t Say A Word (Sonata Arctica Cover)/Xandria
  7. The Coming Of War/Absu
  8. Terrible Certainity/Abigor
  9. Buried by Time and Dust (Mayhem cover)/1349
  10. Ace Of Spades/Abattoir
  11. Rocka Rolla/WOLF
  12. I Wanna Be Somebody/Witchery
  13. Strutter (Kiss Cover)/Running Wild
  14. Surprise! You’re Dead/Aborted
  15. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult cover)/WOLF
  16. Riding On The Wind (Judas Priest cover)/Abbath

Surprise! you’re dead!!
Ha ha! open your eyes
See the world as it used to be when you used to be in it
When you were alive and when you were in love
And when I took it from you!
It’s not over yet
You don’t remember?
I won’t let you forget
The hatred I bestowed
Upon your neck with a fatal blow
From my teeth and my tongue
I’ve drank and swallowed, but it’s just begun
Now you are mine
I’ll keep killing you until the end of time
Surprise! you’re dead!
Guess what?
It never ends…
The pain, the torment and torture, profanity
Nausea, suffering, pervirsion, calamity
You can’t get away

autor: Vjeran Birimiša, 26/04/2020


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