Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine


17:00–18:20 Petak 19.4.2019.

Aksel Schaufler aka Superpitcher, njemački producent s adresom u Parizu koji je inače i polovica Pachanga Boysa, u ‘influences’ miksu za xlr8r podcast seriju.

Inspiration is abstract 

Inspiration is everywhere

Inspiration cannot be faked

It is in books, arts, films, nature, people, music, and in all the things in between that we can’t even see or hear. To me, music has been my magical life companion and my main source of inspiration. But there are so many different styles and genres, much of it one can’t even define! Our planet is wrapped in music and is the gravitational force to so many people. That is why it is, to me, an almost impossible task to talk about it or to select music for a mixtape about inspiration. I realized that if I had to choose out of all there is that inspired me, there will always be something missing along the way, so instead, I have decided to create a mixtape that features a representative collection of songs and tracks that influenced my own sound. This is not a mix of all time favorites and you’ll see there are some important musical genres missing, such as folk, hip-hop, minimal music, soul, etc. (that also inspires me, but I had to draw the line somewhere!) These are simply some of my favorite songs and people at work…—Superpitcher


01. Moondog “Moondog Monologue”

02. Haile M. Ghiorgis “Man Biye?”

03. Holger Czukay “Persian Love”

04. Tony Brevett “My Love Song (Java Girl)”

05. Slow Smoke “Sensuous Lover”

06. Glen Adams “A Beat For You”

07. The Cure “Lullaby (Extended Mix)”

08. Fela Kuti “Water No Get Enemy”

09. Arthur Russell “Treehouse”

10. Brigitte Fontaine “Comme À La Radio”

11. The Slights “Man Next Door (Version)”

12. Horace Andy “Quiet Place”

13. Brian Eno / David Byrne “The Jezebel Spirit”

14. Vinyl Countdown “Ride”

autor: Ante Marković, 18/04/2019

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DAPHNI / Fabriclive

17:00–18:00 Petak 23.3.2018.

Daphni je naziv kojim se predstavlja Dan Snaith kada radi glazbu izvan matičnog benda Caribou. Ovaj petak u rubrici Mixed Up slušamo njegov prošlogodišnji mix iz Fabriclive edicije.


17:00–18:00 Petak 21.12.2018.

David August je ove godine objavio novi album – D’Angelo, a ovo je mix koji je napravio za Mixmag povodom izlaska njegove prve ploče – Times.


17:00–18:00 Petak 12.4.2019.

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points u divnom mellow soul, jazz i ambientalnom miksu za famoznu LateNight Tales seriju. Mixed Up!

Róisín Murphy / FACT

17:00–18:00 Petak 8.3.2019.

Ovotjedni Mixed Up donosi uvrnuti mixtape koji je Róisín Murphy prošle godine napravila za FACT podcast seriju.

Tjedna rotacija


Mark Lanegan: Straight Songs Of Sorrow (2020.)

FIREWATER / Psychopharmacology (Jetset, 2001.)

KHRUANGBIN / So We Won’t Forget

TYSON / Purple Queen

THE STYLE COUNCIL / Home and Abroad (1986)

ŽEN / Blender