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Seth Troxler & Bill Patrick’s Soundtrack for the Last Day on Earth

17:00–18:30 Petak 11.12.2020.

Seth i Bill u melankoličnom miksu ovog petka od 17 sati na community radiju KLFM. Mixed Up!

Bill and I made this mix so long ago I can’t even remember. Bill is my lost soul brother. We can both be funny but deeply dark at the same time. I find comfort in bleak things in harsh realities. Many people wouldn’t think that of me, but I guess it’s like the sad clown. The name of this mix I think says everything about the bleakness of our time. In real emotion lies the great beauty of life. Life is suffering, and who am I not to suffer? I guess you just have find a way to enjoy it as there is nothing better than to feel. – Seth Troxler

autor: Ante Marković, 10/12/2020

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