Róisín Murphy i njen novi singl Narcissus vrtimo cijeli tjedan u rubrici Powerplay. Narcissus je nastao u suradni s DJ Parrotom, koji je  producirao i njen prethodni singl, Incapable. Evo malo kopipejsta, da ne parafraziram Róisín, o oba singla:

In ‘Incapable’ the archetype was the cold narcissist, idly wondering, in a purely self interested way, if she is missing out on something? With love beyond her grasp. In ‘Narcissus’ the voice is the eternal and primal presence of the Nymph, endlessly trying to wake you out of your you-dream. Calling for abandon, prescribing chaos over control and warning of the dreadful, imminent DANGER IN THE MIRROR.



autor: Kristina Tešija

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