Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

PAVEMENT / Slanted And Enchanted (1992.)



I was dressed for success
But success it never comes

And I’m the only one who laughs
At your jokes when they are so bad

And your jokes are always bad
But they’re not as bad as this.
Come join us in a prayer
We’ll be waiting, waiting where

Everything’s ending here.
And all the sterile striking it
Defends and empty deck you cast away
As rain up on your forehead

Where the mist’s for hire if it’s
Just too clear.
Let’s spend our last
1/4 stance randomly

Go down to the outlet once again.
Painted portrait of minion’s slaves
Crotch mavens and one night plays
Are they the only ones who laugh?

At the jokes when they are so bad
And the jokes are always bad
But they’re not as bad as this.
And all the Spanish candles

Unsold have gone away to this
And a “run-on piece of mount on”
Trembles, shivers runs down the freeway
I guess she spent her last quarter

I guess it’s the best I’ll

Jebite se, (svi osim) devedesetih!!!


autor: Gaal, 06/05/2015


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THOMAS DOLBY / The Flat Earth (1984.)

15:00–16:00 Četvrtak 12.7.2018.

Album koji je te davne 1984. godine potpunu zbunio veliki EMI ali i kompletnu britansku glazbenu scenu. Jedno od onih izdanja koja nemaju klasičnu kategoriju ni tag. A Orwellova godina ta baš.

PSIHOMODO-POP / Godina Zmaja (1988.)

15:00–16:00 Četvrtak 21.12.2017.

Mickeya Mousea su ubile Srebrne svinje.

Talk Talk / Laughing Stock (1991.)

15:00–16:00 Nedjelja 17.3.2019.

Laughing Stock, glazba s druge strane shimmera. Ukoliko ste gledali prošlogodišnji znanstvenofantastični film Annihilation sjetit ćete se tzv. shimmer zone,…

Stereolab / Dots and Loops (Duophonic 1997.)


Dots and Loops je sat i šest minuta glazbenog snošaja sa superinteligentnim bićem iz osme galaksije.

Tjedna rotacija



STEREOLAB / Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night (1999)

THE AVALANCHES / Running Red Lights ft. Rivers Cuomo, Pink Siifu

CARIBOU / Rough Trade Mixtape 2020

Erykah Badu – Live (1997.)

TOMA BEBIĆ / Volite se ljudožderi ( 1975. )