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NU GUINEA / Dekmantel

17:00–18:30 Petak 16.8.2019.

Napolitanci s adresom u Berlinu i njihov osunčani funky miks za Dekmantel podcast seriju ovaj petak od 17 sati u rubrici Mixed Up!

Nu Guinea came together over a love of studio jam sessions. The Berlin based Italians fuse live instrumentals and synthesisers that journey to far corners fo the musical world, from weird disco to exotica, world grooves via ethno rhythms. Their most adventurous work has come in the form of albums on their own NG Records as well as Early Sounds Recordings, one of which found them rewire original Tony Allen drum recordings with their own jazz-funk vibes.

In the mix for us this week they stir up a steamy summer session of boogie bass, township funk and squelchy synth goodness. It’s 90 minutes of storytelling music that speaks of a lifetime of digging deep into local sounds and scenes and stitching them all together with the sort of underlying grooves that transcend boundaries and bring people together under the sun.

– track 1: portuguese band meets with old pastor lady in 1984 – track 2: 7” and album from the former band member of FORMULA 3, released in 1977 – track 3: the main voice riff will give you the answer, just be sure to write it incorrect. – track 4: the youth of guadalupe – track 5: abdul corr’s finest ! (thanks to Trujillo for sharing this some time ago) – track 6: “Registrato e mixato presso il “CAPANNONE”” – track 7: No matter – track 8: cuba’s finest trombone player travels to italy in 1984 – track 9: Rhumba was burnin in Nigeria – track 10: king sunny ade – ASE (no idea how to make a quiz out of this) – track 11: Klaus Kruger – Halfway ritmo – track 12: she wanted to be in a jungle but she was “Born in 1971, West Hollywood Los Angeles County California, USA” – track 13: “residence permit” in french. track 14: Dance teacher from stuttgart from 1982 sweats it up. – track 15: on discogs 5281470 – track 16: Mr. Pognon liked tabou drums – track 17: napoli meets mori kante – track 18: a prince from senegal, the record was made in france – track 19: fuoco italiano from the 70s – track 20: where the atomic bomb was dropped in japan in 1945 – but there are Lions in this track. – track 21: same band we covered with the AMORE record. this track is called “U” – track 22: “seawater” in spanish, from 1982, mexico. – track 23: eddy louiss with a black-cover-designed LP.

autor: Ante Marković, 25/04/2019

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17:00–18:00 Petak 21.2.2020.

Povodom smrti britanskog producenta i DJ-a Andrewa Weatheralla, ovog petka u rubrici Mixed Up slušamo njegov Asphodelics miks, svojevrsnu ekskurziju kroz moderni space rock. Rest in peace, Andy.


17:00–18:15 Petak 23.8.2019.

Eklektična, beskompromisna i jako fina mix-kompilacija dragih nam kanadskih instrumentalista. Mixed Up – petkom u pet!

Marko Friedl / 4 KLFM

17:00–18:00 Petak 8.5.2020.

Resident splitskog Adriatic Social Club-a ovog petka od 17 sati u rubrici Mixed Up.

Mind Against / RA

17:00–18:00 Petak 6.3.2020.

Suptilni miks talijanske braće Fognini za Resident Advisor podcast seriju svira nam danas od 17 sati. Mixed Up.

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