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Memories of NoiseFests Past (#204)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 30.9–1.10.2020.

Memories of NoiseFests Past (#204)

Some performances from previous NoiseFests.




Memories of NoiseFests Past


Part I: 

01. ) Juice Machine (2019)

Part II: 

02.) Chopstick (2019)

Part III: 

03.) MKUltramegaphone (2017)
04.) Holiday Special (2019)


Part IV: 

05.) Mini-Mutations (2018))

Part V: 

06.) John Frank & Don Haugen (2019)

Part VI: Dimestore Radio Theater

07.) Memento From Adelaide * The Adventures of Rocky Jordan * 25 September 1949

autor: Austin Rich, 30/09/2020

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DJANGO DJANGO / Glowing In The Dark

HAPPY MONDAYS / Pills ‘n’ Thrills And Bellyaches (1990.)

ORGONE / Basilisk


J MASCIS / Fed Up And Feeling Strange (Live)

GABI NOVAK & ARSEN DEDIĆ ‎/ Gabi & Arsen (1980)