Mellow Kicks #18

12:00–13:00 – 17.3.2018.

Back with a fresh episode of Mellow Kicks. This week’s show is a collage of easy-on-the-ears compositions and instrumentals.

Light percussion and soft synths are the order of the day from Japan and beyond plus some new music from Instupendo with Teen Daze for his ‘Faces I Know’ release coming out on April 3rd. 


Hiroshi Yoshimura – Dream

CEP – Lilian’s Pavilion

El Fog – The Fog of the Far Small Town

Ryan Teague – Wide Angle

Mark Barrott – Mokusho

Shy Layers – 1977

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft – Hanging Glass Structure

Orchid Mantis – The Sky Is Empty

Kyle Bobby Dunn – An Extension

the fun years – The Delusion Always Wins

Mazzy Star – Five String Serenade

Jabu – Let Me Know

Laptop Funeral – To Start Again

Instupendo – Fleur (feat. Teen Daze)

Swan Lingo – Colan


autor: Rory Hyland