Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

Journey To The Edge Of The Universe (#136)

23:59–2:00 Srijeda 2021.2.2019.

Mid-Valley Mutations Jukebox.




Journey To The Edge Of The Universe


Part I: 

01.) Alien Bog * Pauline Oliveros * Alien Bog / Beautiful Soop * Pogus Records (1997)

Part II: 

02.) The Expanding Universe * Laurie Spiegel * The Expanding Universe * Philo Records (1980)


Part III: 

03.) B * Cluster * Cluster * Phillips Records (1971)

Part IV: 

04.) Journey To The Edge Of The Universe * Upper Astral * Journey To The Edge Of The Universe * Valley of The Sun (1983)

Part V:

05.) Eternal Sanctuary * David Naegele * Temple In The Forest * Valley of The Sun (1985)

autor: Austin Rich, 20/02/2019

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