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Journey To The Center of The Mind (Part I) (w/ MKUltramegaphone, LIVE!) (#90)

0:00–3:00 Četvrtak 22.2.2018.

In this mostly all-vinyl / live show, we offer the listener an audio voyage into the world of Mental Health. MKUltramegaphone delivers almost 45 minutes of live jams during hour two, and on the whole, we tackle a subject that seems to have an incredible amount of relevance in this distressing modern world.

This one has been in production for a little while, and as I dig into the subject more, I think this might be something we address on the program for a while. Given the recent political discourse, our social issues that seem symptomatic of a cultural illnesses we are suffering from, and a number of other things that make their way into our news, the notion of Mental Health is certain on everyone’s mind. Consider this an opportunity to find a way we can immerse ourselves in this subject, while still managing to bust out some of my favorite LPs.



Journey To The Center of The Mind (Part I)


Part I: Point of Entry

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Esplanade [Excerpt] * Fille Qui Mousse * Trixie Stapleton 291 * Bichon Records (2010)

Part II: A Mental Illness Is A Disease

03.) Mark Says Alright * Butthole Surfers * Rembrandt Pussyhorse * Touch & Go Records (1986)
04.) Texas Cedarwood (beauty hype suite 1) * Zac Nelson * Charbroile *

Part III: Presents A Challenge

05.) Egg Danger * Thinking Fellers Union Local 281 * Porcelain Entertainments * Fruit Tree Records (2000)
06.) Endless Questions * Trembling Worm (The Giant Worm meets Trembling Earth Contract) * Improv Summit 1-20-2018 * Previously Unreleased (2018)
07.) Im Glück * Neu! * Neu! * Grönland Records ‎(2010)
08.) Cantate Disparate * Fille Qui Mousse * Trixie Stapelton 291 * Bichon Records (2010)

Part IV: The Stigma That’s Attached To It.

09.) Blood Flower / Stone Away * Rob Jo Star Band * Rob Jo Star Band * Pomme Records (2010)
10.) Wonkatania Freakout * Glands of External Secretion * Reverse Atheism * ButtecountyFreeMusicSociety (2011)


Part V: People With Mental Illness

10.) Case Studies * MKUltramegaphone * 17 January 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

Part VI: A Lot of Things In Perspective

11.) Below The Salt / Who Cares? * Unwound * Leaves Turn Inside You * Kill Rock Stars (2001)

autor: Austin Rich, 21/02/2018

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