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José González & The String Theory / Live in Europe

15:00–16:00 Ponedjeljak 29.4.2019.

Live In Europe was recorded in 2017 during González and The String Theory’s acclaimed collaborative tour, their second outing following a remarkable 2011 tour that earned them thunderous applause from across the continent.
González’s partnership with the Orchestra began in 2009 during an interdisciplinary recording workshop at the Kokokaka film studio in the singer-songwriter-guitarist’s hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. Their debut live performance at Gothenburg Concert Hall in April 2010 gained high critical acclaim – prompting comparisons with Krzysztof Penderecki, Arnold Schönberg, and Nico Muhly – and marked the starting point of a remarkable long-term relationship between kindred artistic souls.

The 2017 tour made sold out stops in historic theatres and concert halls across Europe, spanning Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Finland, France, Poland and The United States. The performances included stirringly original renditions of songs originally found on González’s three celebrated solo albums: 2003’s breakthrough debut VENEER, 2007’s IN OUR NATURE, and 2015’s VESTIGES & CLAWS. The latter of which saw González finding new inspiration in sprawling 70’s Brazilian productions, American folk rock, and West African desert blues. Among The String Theories myriad highlights are new visions of such classic songs as “Crosses,” “Down The Line,” “Every Age,” and “Let It Carry You,” as well has remarkable new renditions of González’s already unique versions of “Heartbeats” (originally performed by The Knife) and Massive Attack’s “Teardrop.”

Founded in 2007, The String Theory is a Berlin and Gothenburg-based artist collective, think tank, and experimental chamber orchestra that explores the outskirts of contemporary classical music, electro, noise, Neue Musik and pop by means of workshops, studio recordings, and live performances. In addition to their collaboration with González, The String Theory have formed artistic co-operations with a stunning range of musicians and artists, that include Einstürzende Neubauten, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, El Perro Del Mar, Tocotronic, Dieter Meier (Yello), Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), Tindersticks, and many others.

The String Theory conductor, Berlin-based composer and producer PC Nackt, studied jazz guitar and composition at the distinguished Hochschule für Musik in Cologne and has a background in ballet, theater music, and film scores, including work with legendary director Wim Wenders. In 2002, Nackt co-founded the electro-punk band Warren Suicide as well as Chez Cherie, a recording studio in Berlin’s vibrant Neukölln district. Since 2011, PC Nackt has worked as co-producer, co-writer, and live musician alongside Berlin-based electronic music icon Sascha Ring, better known around the world as Apparat.

1. What If
2. Every Age
3. Let It Carry You
4. The Forest
5. Cycling Trivialities
6. Crosses
7. Abram
8. Prism Part Blue
9. Vissel
10. Heartbeats
11. Down The Line
12. Stories We Build, Stories We Tell
13. Leaf Off
14. Teardrop

autor: Ante Marković, 28/04/2019

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