HAPPYNESS / Write In (Moshi Moshi Recordings 2017.)

Indie onakav kakav treba biti. Dečki iz Londona koji zvuče kao da su sa Berkley-a, Glazba za aktivne i doživotne studente.

Poprilično uspješan prvijenac iz 2013. pod nazivom “Weird Little Birthday” privukao je dosta svjetla na londonski Happyness. I baš taj, skoro pa tipični američki college zvuk na ovom album je poprilično evoluirao i osjete se reference koje članovi benda sami navode ; Roxy Music, The Beach Boys, Randy Newman, Sonic Youth, Big Star i Pierre Cavalli.

Kroz razmišljanja Jon EE Allan-a, iz te simpatične južnolondonske trojke, naslućujemo kako Happyness gledaju na sam proces snimanja i stvaranja glazbe:

I’d like to think this record looks outside the little American alt-rock sphere we were looking in on. I think we used to be very afraid of being earnest. And now we’re able to be tender or heartfelt without feeling too guilty about it. This record cost us about £500 to make, and that was mainly spent on an 8 track tape recorder and a dehumidifier. We self-produced it in our studio [the affectionately named ‘Jelly Boy Studios’, where the band also recorded their debut, ‘Weird Little Birthday’]. The building’s being redeveloped at the end of the year, so this is the last record we’ll make there, which feels like the end of a chapter for us.

1. Falling Down 05:11
2. The Reel Starts Again [Man As Ostrich] 03:44
3. Anytime 04:21
4. Through Windows 02:59
5. Uptrend / Style Raids 06:27
6. Bigger Glass Less Full 02:11
7. Victor Lazarro’s Heart 05:08
8. Anna, Lisa Calls 03:24
9. The C Is A B A G 05:07
10.Tunnel Vision On Your Part 06:39


autor: el5egundo

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