Half Dark Side

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Ovog četvrtka slijedi još jedno eklektično izdanje Soda Fountaina; bez stroge tematike, ali sa blagim otklonom ka tamnoj strani! Nadamo se da ćete uz našu municioznu listu provesti još jedno ugodno radno jutro!



01 Japan – Automatic Gun
02 The Black Heart Procession – Beneath The Ground
03 The House Of Love – Blind
04 Palodine – Sorrow Has Opened Our Eyes
05 Siouxsie & The Banshees – Playground Twist
06 Talking Heads – Seen And Not Seen
07 Giant Sand – Music Arcade
08 Codeine – Cigarette Machine
09 Opal – Supernova
10 The Comsat Angels – After The Rain
11 Monte Cazazza – Mary Bell
12 Kid Congo Powers – La Llarona
13 Crippled Black Phoenix – Long Live Independence
14 Clem Snide – Mike Kalinsky
15 Olivia Tremor Control – Define A Transparent Dream
16 Steve Earle – The Tennessee Kid
17 Depeche Mode – And Then…
18 Kim Salmon and the Surrealists – L’Exhumation d’Yves Montand
19 My Bloody Valentine – Lose My Breath
20 gavin Clark – Raise A Vein
21 Swans – (She’s) A Universal Emptiness
22 Ralph Gean – Granny’s Grave
23 Joe Henry – Bob & Ray
24 Hugo Race & The True Spirit – A.M. Radio
25 Peter Jefferies – The Fate Of The Human Carbine
26 Malcolm Middleton – Autumn
27 Julian Cope – The Black Sheep’s Song
28 Spacemen 3 – Hey Man
29 The For Carnation – A Tribute To


Mike Kalinsky had asthma
Spinning bottles never pointed his way
You see, he had difficulty breathing
So he couldn’t participate in sports
And all the jocks said he was gay

There is no cure for asthma
But does anyone even care?
Mike Kalinsky spent high school alone in his bedroom
listening to Joy Division and The Misfits
And going nowhere

and years passed
I forgot all about him
And then one night, I was hanging out at a local rock club
Checking out a band a friend of mine said I really shouldn’t miss
And there he was, singing
A song that went a little something like this:

‘I couldn’t even blow out a simple match’

/’Mike Kalinsky’ by Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide/


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autor: Vjeran Stojanac

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