GRACE JONES / Nightclubbing (1981.)

Reggae, post-disco, art pop, dub, funk: sve je to Nightclubbing – peti album jamajčanske pjevačice, glumice i modne ikone Grace Jones.

Grace Jones će nam se konačno ukazati 30. kolovoza u pulskoj Areni na koncertu otvaranja Dimensions festivala. Umjesto da trošim riječi o fenomenalnom albumu Nightclubbing evo nekih životnih lekcija iz njezine biografije nazvane I’ll Never Write My Memoirs .

1. You’re not getting older, you’re getting wiser.
2. Be your own sugar daddy.
3. Always have your own apartment, even when you’re married or in a relationship.
4. Try everything once, and if you like it, keep trying it.
5. Explore a world of no watches.
6. To live an artist’s life, you must always be traveling.
7. Crave freedom.
8. Be alone, but not lonely.
9. Fame doesn’t make you somebody; you already are somebody.
10. Ego can get in the way of growth because it makes you think you know it all.

And, as a bonus: Live a long, fast and fabulous life!


Nightclubbing tracklist:

  • Walking in the Rain 4:14
  • Pull Up to the Bumper 4:40
  • Use Me 5:03
  • Nightclubbing 5:04
  •  Art Groupie 2:40
  • I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango) 4:28
  • Feel Up 4:02
  • Demolition Man 4:04
  • I’ve Done It Again 3:45


autor: Ante Marković