Freak Power – Drive-Tru Booty (Island Records Ltd., travanj 1994.)

Drive-Tru Booty je čisti funk album obučen u najraskošniju odjeću.


Freak Power je osnovao Norman Quention Cook (poslije Fatboy Slim), Ashley Slater (trombonist u britanskom anarho-jazz big bendu Loose Tubes) i Jesse Graham, znan kao “the Bass Cadet”.

Drive-Tru Booty prvi je proizvod Freak Power projekta. Žanrovski se album i band svrstava u acid jazz, ali čemu dvije riječi kada imamo tuđicu funk. Sljedeći i posljednji album More of Everything for Everybody iz 1996. godine možemo svrstati u potonji žanr zajedno sa hip-hop, funk, neo-soul , house i jazz eksperimentacijama, ali Drive-Tru Booty je čisti funk obučen u najraskošniju odjeću.

Iako je, prethodno, 1993. godine, izdani singl Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out, polučio neznatan uspjeh, uvršten je na ovaj album i zajedno sa preostalom cjelinom i još jednim hitom Rush čine cjelinu čvrstih poveznica, a opet samostalnih skladbi koje funkcioniraju i izvan okvira orginalnog albuma.

˝Like every great religion of the past we seek to find the divinity within and to express this revelation in a life of glorification and the worship of God. These ancient goals we define in the metaphor of the present — turn on, tune in, drop out.˝ (Timothy Leary, 1966.)01990036back“”Turn on” meant go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment. Become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers that engage them. Drugs were one way to accomplish this end. “Tune in” meant interact harmoniously with the world around you – externalize, materialize, express your new internal perspectives. “Drop out” suggested an active, selective, graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious commitments. “Drop Out” meant self-reliance, a discovery of one’s singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Unhappily my explanations of this sequence of personal development were often misinterpreted to mean “Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity”.” (Timothy Leary, 1983., Flashbacks (authobiography))

  1. Moonbeam Woman
  2. Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out
  3. Get In Touch
  4. Freak Power
  5. Running Away
  6. Change My Mind
  7. What Is It
  8. Waiting For The Story To End
  9. Rush
  10. Big Time
  11. The Whip

Ivan Poljičanin


autor: Ivan Poljicanin

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