Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

First few years

20:30–22:30 Ponedjeljak 14.11.2016.

Glazbeni junaci prvih godina ovog tisućljeća.

Glazbeni junaci prvih godina ovog tisućljeća.

Why? – [Alopecia #05] Song Of The Sad Assasin
Grandaddy – [The Sophtware Slump #04] The Crystal Lake
Elliott Smith – [Figure 8 #01] Son Of Sam
Sonic Youth – [Murray Street #01] The Empty Page
Jim O’Rourke – [Insignificance CD1 #02] Insignificance
Smog – [Dongs Of Sevotion CD1 #02] Dress Sexy At My Funeral
Yo La Tengo – [And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out #02] Our Way To Fall
The New Pornographers – [Twin Cinema #04] The Bleeding Heart Show
Badly Drawn Boy – [The Hour Of Bewilderbeast #09] Once Around The Block
PJ Harvey – [Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea #05] Beautiful Feeling
Wilco – [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot #07] Heavy Metal Drummer
Mojave 3 – [Excuses for Travellers #07] She Broke You So Softly
Super Furry Animals – [Mwng #04] Dacw hi
Modest Mouse – [The Moon And Antarctica #02] Gravity Rides Everything
Ugly Casanova – [Sharpen Your Teeth #01] Barnacles
Interpol – [Turn On The Bright Lights CD1 #03] NYC
Q and Not U – [Different Damage #01] Soft Pyramids
Life Without Buildings – [Any Other City #09] New Town
Fugazi – [The Argument #11] Argument
The Dismemberment Plan – [Change #09] Time Bomb
The Postal Service – [Give Up #01] The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Lemon Jelly – [Lost Horizons #02] Space Walk
The Streets – [Original Pirate Material #12] Weak Become Heroes
Jackie-O Motherfucker – [Fig. 5 #06] Beautiful September (We Are Going There)
Songs: Ohia – [The Lioness #04] Being in Love

autor: Gaal, 14/11/2016

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Superuvo Ponediljak

20:30–22:30 Ponedjeljak 7.8.2017.

Ako ko ne idje, ima QRT mix…

Wave Shadows New Single


Exclusive edition of QRT radio show tonight; alt rock/surf pop band from Reading(UK) Wave Shadows are presenting their new single Lead Me Astray in our programme; tune in on time, lads and lasses!! QRT!!

Bring On The Ending

20:00–23:00 Ponedjeljak 20.4.2020.

QRT predsuicidalni megamix

QRT Aktuell


Zbog i poradi te glede i unatoč raznoraznih specijaliziranih edicija QRT radio showa zadnjih nekoliko ponedjeljaka, nismo vam prezentirali glazbene novitete već poduže vrijeme, pa evo, večeras ide tridesetak aktuell glazbenih numera, čujemo se od osam ipo!!

Tjedna rotacija


LCSM / Earthbound

STEVIE WONDER / Music of my mind (1972)

GABRIELS / Love and Hate in a Different Time


JAY-Z / Live MTV Unplugged (2001)

NEP / POP NOT POP (Songs For New Europe 1985-1989) (2021)