Mid-Valley Mutations

Journey To The Center of The Mind (Part I) (w/ MKUltramegaphone, LIVE!) (#90)

In this mostly all-vinyl / live show, we offer the listener an audio voyage into the world of Mental Health….

The Mark Hosler Interview Part II (#87)

As promised, so long ago, here is Part II of my conversation with the incomparable Mark Hosler. At this point,…

The Mark Hosler Interview Part I (#78)

This one is dense. Sit down. Have a beverage. And listen.

The Weather Report (w/ The Weatherman!) (#76)

It is with no small amount of fanfare and excitement that I am able to bring none other than The Weatherman of Negativland fame…

The People Who Died

There was a point where I used to acknowledge a lot more of those we have lost recently, and I called the series “The People Who Died”, natch, which seemed funny and a great way to pass the time.

Target: YOU (w/ MKUltramegaphone) – LIVE!

Both Mid-Valley Mutations and MKUltramegaphone took a moment to sort of explore a few things that had accumulated while we were working on other projects.