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Mid-Valley Mutations

Mid-Valley Mutations is experimental radio, in every sense of the word Hosted by Austin Rich, this program combines live performances, interviews, other scraps of media, and mixes it up, offering a stew of fun and unique sounds you can’t hear anywhere else.

Scot Jenerik: “It’s About The Work, It’s Not About You.”

23:59–2:00 Srijeda 1213.2.2020.

Scot Jenerik: “It’s About The Work, It’s Not About You.” This is an interview with Scot Jenerik, recorded in his…

Getting Back In The Groove (#180)

23:59–3:00 Utorak 45.2.2020.

Getting Back In The Groove (#180) It’s a new year, and we are giving you a new performance my Mini-Mutations….

The Land of The Lost (#175)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 2223.1.2020.

The Land of The Lost (#175) As the season (and my own life) changes, so does Mid-Valley Mutations. It is…

Breaking (#138)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 67.3.2019.

Mid-Valley Mutations Jukebox. Enjoy!   Breaking HOUR 1: Part I:  01.) Symphony No. 9 (L’eve future) * Glenn Branca *…

The Great Outdoors (#137)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 2728.2.2019.

It’s been a bit of a week, as it often is, and Xeres and I decided that we needed to…

Journey To The Edge Of The Universe (#136)

23:59–2:00 Srijeda 2021.2.2019.

Mid-Valley Mutations Jukebox. Enjoy!     Journey To The Edge Of The Universe HOUR 1: Part I:  01.) Alien Bog *…

Winter Storm Watch 2019 (#135)

23:59–2:00 Srijeda 1314.2.2019.

On February 8th, 2019, the world was in the grip of the Polar Vortex. But in Salem Oregon, we were…

The Return of The Ramen City Kid! (#133)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 3031.1.2019.

Going back to the beginning of my radio career in 1998, The Ramen City Kid has been appearing as a…

Hither & Yon w/ A Moment’s Sound (#132)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 2324.1.2019.

With politics as it is, artists passing away, and the entertainment world completely flipped on its head, sometimes there is…

Plummeting (#131)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 1617.1.2019.

Mid-Valley Mutations Jukebox. Enjoy!   Plummeting HOUR 1: Part I:  01.) Prospero’s Equilibrioception * Nerfbau * Dr. Méniire’s Sideshow *…

Movement 3 (#130)

23:59–3:00 Utorak 910.1.2018.

Mid-Valley Mutations Jukebox. Enjoy!   Movement 3  HOUR 1: Part I:  01.) Equinox * Drunjus * Celestial Realms * Sonic…

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! [2018 Edition] (#129)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 23.1.2019.

It’s funny how traditions get started. I caught Sadgasm at an Open Mic they showed up at, and they had instantly catchy…


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Destroyer / Have We Met

Once & Future Band (s/t 2017.)

EOB / Shangri-La

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CURTIS MAYFIELD / Curtis/Live! (1971)

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