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Butterfly Dub

23:00–23:59 Utorak 26.5.2020.

There are different types of secrets.

The amber droplet hung from the branch, reaching fullness and ready to drop. It waited. While many of the other droplets were satisfied to form as big as they could and release, this droplet had other plans. It wanted to be part of history. It wanted to be remembered long after all the other droplets had dissolved into history. So it waited for the perfect specimen to fly by to trap and capture that it hoped would eventually be discovered hundreds of years in the future.

There are different types of secrets. She had held onto plenty of them during her life, but this one was different. She found herself holding onto the worst type. It was the type of secret that could gnaw away at your insides if you didn’t tell someone about it, but it could end up getting you killed if you did.

It had been her dream for years but Dana had failed to take any action toward making it come true. There had always been a good excuse to delay or prioritize another project. As she woke, she realized she was once again at a crossroads. Would it be another excuse or would she finally find the courage to pursue her dream? Dana rose and took her first step.

  1. Blockhead – Never Forget Your Token
  2. St Germain – Sure Thing
  3. Morcheeba – Charango (feat. Pace Won)
  4. Protassov – Butterfly Dub
  5. The Herbaliser – Mother dove
  6. Barry Adamson – The Vibes Ain’t Nothin’ But the Vibes
  7. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
  8. Doctor Flake – A Last Dance With Léon
  9. MASTER CUTS – Waterguns
  10. Massive Attack – Babel
  11. Scratch Bandits Crew – It’s About Showtime
  12. Glen Porter – Release
  13. Quantic – Time Is the Enemy

autor: petar, 26/05/2020

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What have you noticed today?

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