Kunst & Liebe Frequency Machine

Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt

23:00–1:00 Utorak 31.10–1.11.2017.

I Intro to the Outro.


From listening to records i just knew what to do
I mainly tought myself
And, you know, i did pretty well
Except there were a few mistakes
But um, that i made, uh
That i’ve just recently cleared up

And i’d like to just continue to be able to express myself
As best as i can with this instrument
And i feel like i have a lot of work to do
Still, i’m a student – of the drums
And i’m also a teacher of the drums too

What makes cancer tenatious?

The moon rules the fluids
Including the inner juices of human beings
That which assimilates and feeds the body
So the crab feeds his astral plane
Assimilating and distributing all he receives
Slowly, until it becomes apart of you

I fly to the strangest lands

And i would like to able to continue
To let what is inside of me
Which is, which comes from all the music that i hear
I would like for that to come out
And it’s like, it’s not really me that’s coming
The music’s coming through me

The music’s coming through me


DJ Food – True Confessions feat. RJD2
Massive Attack – Karmacoma
Still Corners – Strange Pleasure
Vetiver – It’s Beyond Me
Joe Pass – A Time for Us
Capitol K – Pillow
Daev Martian – The World 
Miink – Who Are You
Sandro Perri – Changes
Gabriel Garzon-Montano – Long Ears
Methyl Ethel – Groundswell
Daedelus – Setting Out
Funki Porcini – This Ain’t The Way To Live
Ryan Vail – Wounds
Sterile Cuckoo – The Girl from the Starry Aquarium
Toro y Moi – Still Sound
Red Snapper – Image Of You
James Pants – Clouds Over The Pacific
Múm – We Have a Map of the Piano
Placebo ft. David Bowie – Without You I’m Nothing (Unkle Remix)
Sparklehorse – Don’t Take My Sunshine Away
Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum
Atoms for Peace – Unless
DJ Shadow – Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
Vessel – Blowback
DJ Koze – Don’t Lose Your Mind
Scuba – Latch

autor: Blue Milk, 31/10/2017

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U2 / Achtung Baby (1991)

BICEP / Saku (feat. Clara La San)

AMIRALI / Past to Present


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