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A Night On Haunted Hill (#206)

23:59–2:00 Srijeda 1415.10.2020.

A Night On Haunted Hill (#206)

I continue my way home, through an awfully creepy forest, I stumble upon a very strange house on a Haunted Hill, where some unusual characters are having what they call a “party.”


A Night On Haunted Hill

01. ) A Night On Haunted Hill * William Castle

02.) Occasional Organ * Mini-Mutations

03.) The Man With No Name * The Adventures of Rocky Jordan * 9 October 1949

autor: Austin Rich, 13/10/2020

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The Organization of Sound: field recordings and musique concrète (#92)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 1415.3.2018.

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The End of All Things (#120)

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…We’ll Be Right Back (#196)

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Moon Voyage (#98)

23:59–3:00 Srijeda 2526.4.2018.

(Originally aired 30 September 2010 on KPSU.) This all-vinyl exploration of our journey to the moon only makes sense, in light…

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LCSM / Earthbound

STEVIE WONDER / Music of my mind (1972)

MOGWAI / Ritchie Sacramento

FATBOY SLIM / Back To Mine (R)

THE DOORS / Absolutely Live

DARKWOOD DUB / Elektro Pionir