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A Broken Hell Is A Functional Hell (#210)

23:59–2:00 Srijeda 1112.11.2020.

A Broken Hell Is A Functional Hell (#210)

Our good friend Arvo Zylo, of No Part of It, comes in to host almost two hours of our program, and give us a taste of what has been entertaining him this year. This is an excellent mix, so sit back for some fun.



A Broken Hell Is A Functional Hell

Strangelove – Running Backward https://badcakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/strangelove
Blood of Chhinnamastika – Wronged Animal (excerpt from Side A)
AGOG – Magnetic Phenomena of All Kinds (excerpt from Side A)
Pink Narcissus (film excerpt) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067580/
Inbreeder – Garbage Dump (from Helter Skelter: Noise Interpretations of Charles Manson’s Music)

(behind DJ: William Basinski – Evening Scars – Shortwavemusic)

Yuji Toriyama – Maze / A Taste of Paradise (1985)
Mariya Takeuchi – Plastic Love / Variety (1984)
Shiny Horse – Bye Bye My Baby (from Hard To Be A Killer: A Tribute To Ralph Gean)
Sorrow – Let There Be Thorns – Let There Be Thorns
Hawthonn – Misandrist – Red Goddess (Of This Men Shall Know Nothing)

(behind DJ – John Zorn – The Extreme Point of Mysticism / The Hermetic Organ Vol 8)

Frans Zwartjes – Masterpiece – Masterpiece/Spectator

(behind DJ- more from Zwartjes, Spectator)

John Zorn – Alienation and Black Magic (excerpt) – The Hermetic Organ Vol. 8 – for Antonin Artaud
Sarah Davachi – Diaphonia Basilica – Cantus, Descant
J.G. Thirlwell, Simon Steensland – Crystal Night – Oscillospira
Frank Garvey – Eropoc (excerpt) – Omnicircus (1979)

(behind DJ: more from Frank Garvey)

The Shadows – It’s Been A Blue Day (Unissued Alternative Un-Dubbed Version) – At Abbey Road
Cliff Bennett – Use Me – At Abbey Road
The Nocturnes – Mr. Carpet Man – Psychedelia At Abbey Road
Locomotive – Mr. Armageddon – Psychedelia At Abbey Road

(behind DJ: The Shadows – Slaughter on 10th Avenue)

Kris Jenson – Torture
The Viceroys – I’m Toiling On – Dub Landing Vol. 2
Lana Del Rey – Bare Feet On Linoleum – Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass

(behind dj) ‘kirchenkamf’ – nightrealm – Set The Controls

Compest – Abseits – Leitern Und Pfade

autor: Austin Rich, 09/11/2020

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